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Biorhythms vs. horoscopes

Author: Dmitry Konovalov

White Stranger Group

Published: 24 Nov 2004

Source: http://www.whitestranger.com/biorhythms_vs_horoscopes.htm

I am often asked, what's the difference between biorhythms and horoscopes? Are the forecasts of Natural Biorhythms similar to horoscopes? And would the biorhythms help me win the lottery?

Let me explain what biorhythms are and how they relate to horoscopes.

Horoscope comes from studying positions of the planets of the solar system at the moment of your birth. The planets, as seen from the Earth, are positioned in a circle and form a certain picture, which is said to symbolically represent your character. The position of the planets changes with time, and the horoscope can tell about possible changes in your life.

To discover the symbolic meaning of the planets, astrologers closely followed lives of hundreds of people. They juxtaposed events in people's lives to the changes in the position of the planets, and tried to understand the meaning of their influence.

Therefore, one could say that horoscopes are based on observations and statistics. But the stars only make suggestions, which lack certainty and accuracy.

Human desire to know future allowed astrology to develop for thousands of years and to become a powerful tool in the hands of those who can use it. Thoughtfully prepared horoscope can shed light on problems of the present and suggest ways to solve problems in the future. For centuries influential people of this world came to astrologers for advice and some of their foretelling became prophetic.

Currently, massive interest in horoscopes and their wide accessibility brought on a change to the meaning and the very essence of horoscopes. It's difficult to find a popular publication these days that wouldn't offer a horoscope to their readers. Google search spits out 7 million links, if you search for "horoscopes". You can find any number of horoscopes in the matter of seconds, starting from the general horoscope for that day to a specific horoscope about tying shoelaces for the whole year for Taurus born in the year of a Wood Rooster.

What do such horoscopes promise? Anything under the blue sky. Today they promise you a win in lottery, tomorrow - the love of your life. They range far and wide, from vague descriptions, like "the person you are thinking of is thinking of you" to definite statements like "today you should change where you work" or "you should wear red all day today".

This would all be fine, but there is the question of accuracy. How well can you trust such horoscopes? Here are a few fragments from forums on professional astrology websites:

Q: What do you need to write my horoscope?

A: We need date, time, and place of your birth; description of several important events in your life, preferably with exact dates and some comments; description of your profession, hobbies, problems; questions that you might have. The most important thing is the desire to seriously and honestly discuss your current problem. If you have a question regarding relationships, we'll need similar information about your partner, as well as the date of your first meeting and the beginning of the relationship.

Q: I am a Leo, or, according to the Chinese horoscope, a Rooster. Will I be able to get my money that I earned and that were taken away from me? Am I ever going to get rich? I also noticed that according to the description of a Gemini, they are not likely to have a successful marriage, regardless of the Zodiac of the person they marry. How can that be?

A: Your question suggests that any Leo, born in the year of a Rooster, should expect to become rich. People with such astronomical nonsense shouldn't expect anything good. As far as Gemini is concerned, it's all nonsense, since everything depends on the individual horoscope.

Q: Do you write individual horoscopes? If yes, what do I need to send you?

A: I've said many times that writing individual horoscopes by correspondence is profanity. Individual horoscopes take many hours in conversation with an astrologer. How do you imagine doing it by correspondence? If you are able to come to an appointment, then by all means. Here, on the website, I do not write individual horoscopes. It's serious and hard work.

Q: Can you tell me how to attract luck in lottery?

A: I can't. It's either there from your birth or it isn't.

Professional astrologers make a point that only personal horoscopes, created preferably from a personal meeting, are meaningful. The cost of a consultation starts at $50. General horoscopes are nothing more than entertainment and a tribute to fashion.

Now let's take a look at biorhythms. Like horoscopes, biorhythms reflect the influence of cycles in our life. As far as we know, biorhythms were discovered and widely used in ancient China. They thought that the causes of such cycles were changes in the positions of the sun, the moon, and the planets.

European founders of biorhythmology in the 19th century thought that biorhythms were regulated by the endocrine glands. That, however, did not explain the regularity of the rhythmic changes.

Modern studies showed that the work of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th energy centers (chakras) are synchronous with the fluctuations in physical, emotional, and intellectual biorhythms. Their intensity in the maximum periods is the highest and in the minimum periods - the lowest. This shows the cosmic nature of our biorhythms. It's interesting that sun's full rotation around its orbit is the same as the period of a full emotional cycle, which is 27 days. The cosmic space influences our energy field and transfers energy to certain glands. As a result, we feel internal changes.

There are three basic biorhythms: physical, emotional, and intellectual, plus an additional one - intuitive. The cycles begin at the moment of birth, go through different periods, and continue to influence us throughout our whole life. Each of the biorhythms reflect certain capabilities of the person. Note, that the rhythms do not define the capabilities, but rather show their potential.

So if you are at a zero level of the physical cycle, it doesn't mean that you will lie down flat all day, but it may mean that you won't break any sports records. It will mean that the body needs rest and it would be best to restore your strength.

The rest of the rhythms behave in the same way: intellectual rhythm at its highest is favorable for scientific work, interviews, and conferences; at your emotional high you will not be able to show your most sensitive and attentive self to your partner. So you can see that it's possible to tell pretty accurately how someone feels at any time! by looking at the combination of their biorhythms.

Physical (also known as male) and emotional (female) rhythms were discovered at the end of the 19th century. Thousands of patience were observed and the results were statistically recorded. Later on, the intellectual and the intuitive dependencies were discovered. If you look at the biorhythms on a graph, they look like waves with their highs and lows.

To analyze current rhythms and to make forecasts, the modern biorhythm theory uses the combination of the three basic rhythms and an additional one. Positive and negative fluctuations of each rhythm gives us 16 combinations, which allows us to characterize any day in detail as well as compatibility of any two or more people quite accurately.

To review, the biorhythms can:

- Forecast the physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive capabilities of any person at any given time. It may be very useful for planning of important events, such as job interviews, exams, public speaking events, making deals, competitions, long trips, or the start of new relationships.

- Biorhythms can tell you when to be extra careful or when to use your maximum potential.

- They can analyze the compatibility of partners and the interactions between two or more people. This applies to romantic relationships as well as to the prospects of joint ventures.

What biorhythms can't do:

- Money. Biorhythms can plan out favorable days for making deals, or for highest intellectual and intuitive capabilities. The rest, however, depends on you.

- Luck. To a great disappointment, there just isn't a graph for luck. Biorhythms can help determine your intuitive and emotional capabilities, but certain things should be left for the forces from above.

- Love. Biorhythms can help you find an ideal partner, who would fit all of your criteria, and with whom you could live a long happy life. But it's going to be your task to meet such a person, make them fall in love with you, and to be worthy of their love.

To conclude our topic, here's a summary about biorhythms vs. horoscopes.

They have much in common:

- people experience the influence from space and from nature
- the influence is cyclic and predictable, as are human capabilities
- the analysis of the influences can be recommended as a forecast
- the forecast is individual for every person and is determined by the date their of birth
- the analysis can be performed for any time in the past, present, or future
- both tools cover most of the important topics in one's life

At the same time, there are some differences:

Biorhythms can only consider person's capabilities. It's not possible to use them to foretell human catastrophes, wars, natural disasters, events in one's life, or human fate. However, biorhythms are easier to use - you just need to know the birth date and the biorhythms software is going to calculate the rest.

What remains unquestionable, is the fact that intuition, intellect, emotions, and physical condition of a person go through regular periods of change. Knowing about these fluctuations will help you harmonize your internal world, your relationships with others, with nature, and the universe. And if you need to resolve something really serious, no program is going to replace a live person with a professional approach.

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Biorhythms, I-Ching, Behavior, and Animals

Author: Kenneth Newberg

Life Cycles Research & Development

Published: 07 Jan 2006

Source: http://www.whitestranger.com/biorhythms_patterns.htm

In 1976, while serving in the U.S. Army, I was on tour of duty in what was then called West Germany. I had recently finished some advanced training in signal theory and waveform analysis. Shortly after I completed that electronics course, as fate would have it, a friend that I practiced Martial Arts with introduced me to Biorhythms. I immediately drew a parallel between these 3 cycles of life called Biorhythms (23 day Physical, 28 day Emotional, and 33 day Intellectual cycles) and the properties of electrical waveforms. It occurred to me that Biorhythms were, in part, electrical by nature since the central nervous system is a powerhouse of constantly changing electro-chemical activity.

I began experimenting with different combinations of these 3 cycles and found that there were 3 distinctive fluctuating patterns (what are now commonly known as the "Secondary Rhythms" of Passion, Mastery, and Wisdom). As time went by I began to know instinctively, without looking at my chart, what conditions these patterns were in by the mood I was in. I had never heard of "Secondary Rhythms" before so I called them "Mood Patterns". I would compare my "Mood Patterns" with my moods on a daily basis and found that they were fairly consistent.

I also saw that by combining all 3 cycles I could see a more complex pattern. Sense this was a representation of all the energies of the Biorhythms I decided to call it the "Life-Force Pattern" or "Chi Pattern" after the Asian concept of "CHI" (meaning "Life Force") that I had learned about in my Martial Arts training. Years later Natural Biorhythms would refer to it as an overall rhythm represented by a histogram. However, there still seemed to be something missing, so I continued to search for more information on the subject.

A few years later in 1979, after I finished my hitch in the Army, I decided to further my education and work towards my Masters degree in Electronics in my home state of Kentucky while I worked part time in my Parent's used book store. For recreation I continued practicing Martial Arts; and working in a used book store presented me with a massive amount of reading material on Martial Arts and related topics that I might not have had the opportunity to read otherwise. That's where I ran across a book about I-Ching which mentioned 4 cycles that started at birth. This intrigued me because up until then I had only known of 3 Biorhythms which started at birth -- but to my surprise they all had cycle lengths longer than the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual cycles! They were the 38 day Compassion, 43 day Aesthetic, 48 day Self Awareness, and 53 day Spiritual cycles. I didn't think much more about the I-Ching cycles until the following summer of 1980 when I found a Biorhythm book that had the 38 day Intuitive cycle. That's when it all came together and the pieces started falling into place. A 38 day Intuitive Biorhythm cycle and a 38 day Compassion I-Ching cycle. Without a doubt they were the same thing.

I had found the missing link!

But at first it seemed too fantastic to be true; 7 Biorhythms, not just 3 or 4; interesting to say the least. Physical (23), Emotional (28), Intellectual (33), Intuitive/Compassion (38), Aesthetic (43), Self Awareness (48), and Spiritual (53). I was taken aback! The spacing of the cycles were 5 days apart and the Intuitive and Compassion cycles had the same length of 38 days. Obviously others had made this same discovery years earlier but I was too elated at the time with my new found knowledge to wonder why it seemed to be such a big secret.

At any rate, I began making my charts with all 7 cycles and found that this was what was missing since I first heard about Biorhythms. Instead of just 6 "Mood Patterns" I could now see that there were really 21 "Mood Patterns". I also came to realize that these patterns were more like the ebbs and flows of different types of behavior rather than just fluctuating moods, so I started calling them "Behavior Patterns" instead. And to top it off was the fact that the "Life-Force Pattern" would have more complexity to it and would allow you to see a truer picture of your general state of being like gentle waves of living fluid energy.

The most obvious "Behavior Patterns" are the Passion (Physical/Emotional), Mastery (Physical/Intellectual), and Wisdom (Emotional/Intellectual) patterns because of their duration. I've tentatively named 3 more of the 21 "Behavior Patterns". They are the Perception (Physical/Intuitive), Psychic (Emotional/Intuitive), and Success (Intellectual/Intuitive) patterns.

Over the past 25 years I have made Biorhythm charts by hand for my family and friends and have found them to be very accurate, especially when observing the "Behavior Patterns" for performance and compatibility.

These observations were not just made by myself, but also by the person's that I made the charts for. Take note when 2 and especially more than 2 "Behavior Patterns" cross or merge (rare) at the same time! ASTONISHING!

A good analogy to help illustrate how all this works would be to look at Biorhythms as radio signals in the psyche. The 7 "Primary Cycles" of Biorhythms (the unconscious signals) are read as "Active and Passive Phases" with "Active and Passive Critical Days" (the unstable days in a cycle) separating the phases. Similarly, the "Behavior Patterns" (the subconscious signals) are read as "Positive and Negative Harmonic Phases" with "Positive and Negative Switch points" (usually the weakest points in a pattern) separating the phases.

Furthermore, the strength of individual Biorhythm cycles are best seen as fluctuating between "Highs and Lows", somewhat like "Amplitude Modulation" (AM radio), but the strength of individual "Behavior Patterns" are determined more so by how close 2 cycles are to "Crossing or Merging", akin to a "Frequency Modulated" (FM radio) signal riding on an "Amplitude Modulated" carrier or wave. The amplitude of one "Behavior Pattern" may over power that of another "Behavior Pattern" to a certain degree if they happen to have a "Crossing or Merging" of their respective cycles at the same time.

All these factors are what creates the complex waveform of the "Life-Force Pattern" which explains why you are never really in the exact same mood on any 2 days of your entire life and makes predicting your behavior rather elusive.

If you have any observations that you would like to share or suggestions for names of the 21 "Secondary Rhythms" (or as I like to call them, "Behavior Patterns") please post your messages on the

Advanced Biorhythms Forum

After being bombarded with all these revelations, it dawned on me that animals may have Biorhythms too. Have you ever wondered why animals seem to choose who they like or dislike for no apparent reason? An animals psyche may be more like ours than one might think. After all, they do have emotions and show intelligence, albeit it's more on the scale of human infants or very young children. Sometimes you can even see animals dreaming as they sleep. So I decided to test my theory, and mammals seemed to be the logical test subjects. Of course I would have liked to have studied chimpanzees, being that they are the closest known living relatives to humans. Unfortunately that isn't an option for me. I'm now in the process of accumulating vital statistics on Race Horses and their Jockeys to determine if Biorhythms may have played a roll in the winners at the Kentucky Derby over the past 131 years, and Natural Biorhythms is just the program to test my hypotheses. Imagine simply plugging in a few birthdays and picking a winning horse at the race track (or even dogs for that matter) every time you placed a bet!

I've gone through several Biorhythm computer programs since 1995 (my first one was a program I wrote in QBasic), and Natural Biorhythms by Dmitry Konovalov is by far the best one I've had the pleasure of using. It has features that most other Biorhythm programs don't have. The Day Info Monitor and Relationship Advices are truly eye openers, and the Compatibility and Matching features are amazing to explore. I especially like the free upgrades and White Stranger Group doesn't hesitate to crank them out with new advances. It's very user friendly and the graphics are great. The help files are superb; easy to understand and are straight forward and easy to navigate. It's also nice to be able to print out a calendar that you can take with you anywhere for quick reference. The price is a steal and the support is fantastic! I can't speak too highly of Natural Biorhythms and White Stranger Group.

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Biorhythms forever

Author: Gaylon Kent O'Dell

Hired Help Consulting

Published: 11 Nov 2005

Source: http://www.whitestranger.com/biorhythm_experience.htm

The purpose for this article is to share with you my experiences using biorhythms over a long extended period of time (some twenty+ years) and what effect it had on my life.

To begin with, my first experience with biorhythms was back in the early '70's when I was at Texas Instruments to early '80s when I worked for Rockwell Int'l. (now parts of Boeing and Alcatel). It was all very new and "spooky", but it got my attention when the cab companies and airlines began to test it on the drivers and pilots. Some twenty-five years later, that testing is now corporate policy with many corporations. I had begun to track my rhythms by hand calculation until I saw an ad in a trade journal for the Japanese made KOSMOS 1 hand held calculator and biorhythm generator, which I bought and began to use.

When I first began to use it I made certain I checked "where I was" relative to my biorhythms every day. I used it to avoid doing "anything important" on mini-critical days (and most assuredly on max-critical days!) and went from an entry level Industrial Engineer to a Cost Center Manager at T. I. in only eighteen months and better than doubling my salary in less than two years!

Then the 'Headhunters' found me and started dangling carrots that got me a move to Rockwell International. At R.I., I hired in as the Industrial Engineering Manager over the military and commercial radio equipment programs. I did the same thing there that I did at T. I. . . . I checked my rhythms before I did or went anywhere important! To make a long story short, I was promoted to Programs Manager in a year over the Dallas effort for the Verdin and Tacamo cryptic radio equipment used on the Poseidon and Trident nuclear submarine fleet. Then I met an Israeli diamond broker who convinced me to go to work for him (checking my biorhythms all the time!!).

He was looking for a nice 'Gentile' boy to go into the deep South and try to get twenty accounts averaging $20,000.00 a year on loose diamond goods. The project took three years and resulted in over fifty accounts averaging about $75,000.00 a year. I then quit him and opened my own business (checking my biorhythms all the time!).

I became a Special Order Manufacturer specializing in both insurance replacements and "one of a kind - God only knows how it was built" jewelry. This odyssey began with T. I. in 1972 and we are now up to 1982 - ten years of belief in biorhythms when nearly everyone else around me were telling it was B.S., the work of the Devil, psycho-babble, etc. Then sometime in the late 1980's, I stopped using my handy, dandy little hand help biorhythm wonder and things started to fall apart.

A year after I started the business, I took my cousin into the business. The day I gave him a company credit card he went out and bought "belts and hoses" for his Suburban before he had made his first sale. My wife tried to tell me . . . my Mother tried to tell me . . . not to hire family! I wonder what my compatibility % would have been with him if I had Natural Biorhythms back then. In one year he put us in the hole $100,000.00 dollars. I wanted to kill him, but his mother had just had a heart attack and was next best friends with my mother. I bought him out and tried to salvage the wreckage. Too late. The stock market crash of 1987 did the jewelry business no good, and then Texas passed HR 355 forbidding insurance companies from referring insured's to jewelers for replacements. 75% of my business was replacement for somebody!

By March 1994, I had filed the paperwork with the Secretary of State for Texas to close the corporation. I only had two problems. I had a small investor group I could not pay back and I refused to declare bankruptcy. The Jewelers Board of Trade in New York have statistics that show in Texas alone there were over 3,000 jewelers went out of business in 1994 alone. They won't tell us the statistics for nationwide, but it is rumored and appears to be in excess of 50,000. And I started checking my biorhythms again.

In January, 2000 I was indicted for mail fraud for my failure to pay back the investor group. I was threatened with nine counts of mail fraud (if you tell someone you are going to do something and you don't it is fraud . . . it is mail fraud if you put a stamp on it and mail it) and one count of giving the IRS a false statement, forth-five years in jail, a $2.5M fine and restitution. I remember going to a huge conference room with my Attorney and while he was out of the room talking to the Assistant U. S. Attorney prosecuting me, I pulled my biorhythms chart out of by briefcase I had made from the KOSMOS 1, and discovered that my Physical, Emotional and Intellectual (no intuitive at that time) biorhythms were all over 75% for the next few days.

That night I wrote a sworn affidavit I made my Attorney take to the Assistant U. S. Attorney the next morning. My Attorney came back and told me they, the 'Feds' did not like what I had written and that the affidavit would never see the light of day in any courtroom (did I fail to mention that I was trained as a General Courts Martial Court Reporter when I was in the Marine Corps?). Two days later the "Feds" came back with a plea agreement offer of pleading guilty to one count of mail fraud, one count of giving the IRS a false statement, one year in jail at the Federal Correctional Institution of my choice, try to pay restitution and six months to get my affairs in order before I went.

I took the plea bargain. At sentencing the Federal Judge allowed no penalty for the IRS's failure to answer my claim, pay me, disallow the claim or even contact me about it. This was all in January - April, and in June I reported to FCI - Texarkana, Texas to begin my incarceration at the Honor Camp there. With good behavior I was at a halfway house in Tyler, Texas in May, 2001 and home in June. I had made a chart of my biorhythms back in November of 1999 because the calendar in the KOSMOS 1 was to end on December 31, 1999.

Since June, 2001 I have been "winging" it without checking my biorhythms. But for some reason I do not understand, on Friday, August 19, 2005 I had it hit me that I needed to get a 'little help' with the 'ether' that flows around us all. I put in my search engine browser these words, "biorhythms software". Top of the list was Natural Biorhythms and the White Stranger Group. Today is Monday, August 22, 2005 and I have had all weekend and most of today to review the software and use all the features. 20-20 hindsight is ALWAYS crystal clear. I am test driving the free v2.60. I know this software did not exist in 1999 . . . but believe me when I say I would have given a very precious 'body part' of mine to have had it.

From now on, I am NEVER going to go, do, say or sign anything important if my biorhythms are not to my advantage . . . and if I can get someone's birthday . . . I WILL find out how compatible we are (FYI, my wife and I have been married thirty-five years this December and we are 65% compatible) and use my biorhythms to my best advantage or make the determination as to whether I even want to be in the same room with that person.

Right now I have August - November, 2005 biorhythms printed out, front and back with a 23 results forecast of my critical days. Both are in a single sheet protector with the biorhythms on the one side and the forecast on the other. WOW!! With a single glance I can see "where I am" on any given day and how I should interface with the rest of the world. WHAT A PIECE OF SOFTWARE!! Thank you White Stranger Group for developing Natural Biorhythms!!! Talk about comparing a Model "T" to a Space Shuttle . . . that is how I describe my old KOSMOS 1 to Natural Biorhythms!

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Is Biorhythm Compatibility Incompatible With Logic?

Author: Vern Goldsmith

Goldsmith Communications Company

Published: 25 Mar 2005

Source: www.whitestranger.com

I think it's time to set the record straight on an important misconception about
biorhythms. Just over thirty years of experience with biorhythms has taught me that using biorhythms alone to predict compatibility is impossible.

In my experience, biorhythms don't measure compatibility. They measure energy patterns and energy dynamics in relationships. The more compatible a couple's biorhythms, the more dynamic their relationship is likely to be... either good or bad.

Let's use a mind problem to illustrate this point. Every woman who was born on the same day as Stalin would have the same biorhythms as him. And therefore all the biorhythm programs would score their compatibility as 100%. Without going into a lot of detail, I think reasonable people would agree that not all of the women in the world born on 12/21/1879 would be able to "live happily ever after" in a romantic relationship with the guy. And by the same token, not all of the men in the world who were born on the same day as Mother Theresa would be able to find marital bliss with her (had she wanted to marry)... not even all of the good guys and certainly very few of the really bad ones.

What biorhythmic compatibility does accurately measure is the energetic potential of the relationship. It's like biorhythms can predict the dynamic volume range of the music two people make in their relationship. But biorhythmic compatibility can not and does not predict the choice of songs the couple will choose to sing or the quality of their music.

So in addition to consulting biorhythms, any valid determination of relationship compatibility must also include personality compatibility, compatibility of major life goals, compatible and/or similar interests and favorite activities, etc.

In fact, it is these "other" factors that determine compatibility... biorhythms only predict the energetic amplitude at which the relationship plays itself out. Returning to Stalin as an example, let's assume that Stalin was a "bad" guy. Let's also use our imagination to hypothesize that 100 "good" women somehow got tricked into marrying him. Because he is bad and all of them are good, we know that all the relationships would fail... but at different rates. Those women who had 0% biorhythmic compatibility with this man might take two weeks to kill him in his sleep. Those with 100% biorhythmic compatibility would finish him off in two days (smile).

More compatible biorhythms, in effect, turn up the volume on elationships
... they push the accelerator further toward the floor... they get the relationship to where it is already destined to go faster and with more intensity.

There is another important factor in determining the potential for success of a relationship... simple energetic preference. There are many people in the world who want something completely different from the rest of us in a relationship. Some people just don't want fireworks and magic in their relationships. Some people want a relationship that feels like they married their brother, sister or best friend. Some people want safety, predictability and even a little boredom in their relationships.

Personally, I can't fathom that. I'm still looking for the 98% biorhythmic 'compatible' relationship. But I have to wish for even more than that match. I have to hope that the 98% person I find will be an intensity freak like me. Otherwise the relationship will blow up in our faces because it is too intense for them. It could be the best relationship of either of our lives, but if the energy and intensity exceed either partner's energetic capacity, they will begin to feel they are out of control and run like the wind away from the relationship... no matter how good. Actually, some relationships are too good for some people. And as crazy as that sounds some or even many people are more comfortable with boredom or even conflict than they are with the heights of happiness and passion.

So what are biorhythms best used for? ...to help you learn about your own energy patterns and preferences, and what you are looking for energetically in a partner. You won't know if you want a relationship with a 100% biorhythm-compatible partner until you actually meet someone close to that and see how you actually like that level of energy in the relationship. Once you know at what 'volume' you like your relationships played, you can then begin looking for that intensity level in a person whose personality, interests and life goals are also compatible with your own. And may you live happily ever after!

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