Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boxing Biorhythms: David Diaz vs Manny Pacquiao

Tonights’ matchup of Manny Pacquiao vs David Diaz for Diaz’s WBC lightweight title: Both fighters actually have very similar cycles except in the physical area.

David has a cycle that’s actually near its physical peak, while Manny’s is at a physical low. Both fighters have similar cycles mentally, which are low….and emotionally…both high. The way this manifests is that David’s ability of breaking through his wall and finishing the job will be stronger than Manny’s but not by much. In the area of focus, it’s about even. In terms of overall awareness… about the same here too.

Result will be David winning out in a rather slow-paced affair, TKO in 10th.


Friday, June 27, 2008

What Your Biorhythm Chart Tells You

This chart is not an all out answer to all problems or decision making.. neither is it a prediction tool. It can just guide you to make the best out of your day.

The moon has pull over the tides which causes the water to shape around the earth in an oval fashion (wherein the highest tide is towards the moon). This takes on a cycle as the moon itself rotates around the planet Earth. Our planet comprises of mostly water, and so a majority of Earth’s inhabitants are also affected by the moon’s gravity tug. Tradition says that women follow this cycle too.. that’s why women get their monthly periods. This is just one aspect.. on a larger scale, its called Biorhythm.

Biorhythm are cycles of the fundamental aspects of life–emotional, physical and mental. There is also the secondary cycle which is not so popular. This involve the mastery, passion and wisdom.
My thoughts appear so cloudly recently that I have been experiencing insomnia and extreme sadness every night. I get so bothered about a lot of things, and I tend to mix my emotions with my thoughts (in which, for me, they should be two different things). I check on my widget and it reports that the emotional and physical aspects are at the lowest point on the 27th. This means that I haven’t faced the worst of the emotional and physical negativity yet. Although this is the case, I firmly believe that the chart is correct, since I am most productive lately to write more posts.

I believe in this cycle at 80% of the time, since the other things happen by luck or by choice. But the key concept is that knowing your biorhythm, you can at least postpone immensely important decisions at a point wherein you are at the peak of intellectual and/or wisdom cycle. Maybe monitoring your chart can also make you understand the way you react to different scenarios over different periods of time. I think that this tells a big thing about how a person can sometimes be predictable or vice versa.

Who knows, if you just pay attention, you might actually be able to hold your tongue when in a fight if you’re aware of what your biorhythm chart tells you. It can save you time thinking about if spending, or even a confrontation would be best at this time. It can actually guide you up to a certain point.. but of course it can’t really predict what will happen to you since only you can make a decision about how to live your life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mixing Biorhythms and Astrology

Knowing beforehand what each day holds for you

Your potential for creativity, your daily strengths and weaknessses. Astro-Rhythms are individualized and highly detailed guides that pertain specifically to you based on the same data that astrologers use. Astro-Rhythms provide graphical data in an easy-to-interpret format.


Astro-Rhythms is the result of years of tracking heavenly bodies and checking their relationships to each other on a mathematical basis formulated by the Brotherhood of Light. Astro-Rhythms compare your Natal Planet positions -- significant planets’ positions at the time of your birth -- with the ever-changing cosmos. Because the universe is constantly in flux and planets have such varying orbits, Astro-Rhythms charts have near-infinite possibilities, yet they are simple to use.


Astrology interpretations are highly subjective and can vary widely depending on who's interpreting them. In an everything-affects-everything scenario, rules have been formulated that provide a wide range of interpretation that don't always result in a direct meaning in your life. Astro-rhythms are objective and allow you to see your advantages and disadvantages at a glance allowing you to apply the information they provide within your own context. You have the power to determine which actions to take based on which aspects of your chart are harmonious and which are not.


Biorhythms have only three lines of representation. Astro-rhythms deal with TWELVE aspects of your personality as represented by your Houses. They are much richer in detail than biorthyhms and show a much wider range of potential, but are just as easy to read.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Sexual Biorhythms of Men and Women

Biorhythms don't measure compatibility. They measure energy patterns and energy dynamics in relationships. The more compatible a couple's biorhythms, the more dynamic their relationship is likely to be... either good or bad.

Psychologists affirm that “owl-lark” couples do argue a lot, it is harder for them to find a compromise, they go out in public less often, and feel disconnected from each other far more often. The issue gets intensified by the fact that the partners obviously have sex less often as well. Surely, couples that have the same biorhythms also may encounter different timings in passion. After all, the female and male sexual sensitivity clocks are very much different. We have to do something about it!

Biorhythms in Our Lives

There is a vast variety of biorhythms. Some have a period of less then a fraction of a second, others last for a couple of years. For each of us an activity rush period is followed by a relaxation, apathy, when we are running out of energy. This is explained by the fact that blood hormone levels fluctuate every hour, day, couple of days, seasons. It is hard to go against this metronome, even for the toughest workaholic and the most passionate lover.

Biorhythms and Sex Hormones

Scientists believe that our DNA has a specific gene section responsible for synthesis of a so-called key protein component. It is a peculiar biological spring, which acts as an initiator for the internal biorhythms clock. Punctual hypothalamus, following its calendar, gives orders to hypophysis, which is obeyed by most of the sex hormones. That’s how it comes around that on some days production of, let’s say, testosterone is rather low, and on other days you are up for feats in bed.

Time When Both Women and Men Want Sex: Study

Do the glorious moments of love exist at all, when passion seizes both partners with equal power? Those questions were studied by Peter Platz, a specialist in the field of issues in sexuality from Hamburg. He graphed the “desire curves” and attempted to find the overlap points between the male and female apogee. It turned out that there are very few of those, yet the moments when hearts beat in a complete unison do exist.

Difference in Male and Female Libido

During the first hours upon awakening, especially after having some erotic dreams, the stronger gender is very much in the mood for an intercourse. At 7 am the male sex hormones activity exceeds the norm by about 20 percent, by 9 am - by as much as 50 percent. The arousal starts to decline by 10 am and then raises once again by 11 am. But here comes the difference, since the arousal in females is not yet awaken by this time of the day. Desire hormones join the female bloodstream only closer to noon.

Best Time for Sex for Both Women and Men

At 1 pm, the male is still aroused, by 4 pm his eagerness reaches its peak point. Attention! Female is drawn towards a sensitive encounter around this time as well. But two hours later, both male and female libido will need rest. To get it excited once again, as the German expert suggests, sport comes very handy.

Best Time for Conflicts about Sex

It may seem that in the evening, the body should entirely give itself in to passion, but that is not the case! This is the time of the most vexing discords. Female hormones still keep it quiet (even if she did not work before that), but the male is eagerly up for intimacy. To awaken the sensitivity of his partner he will perhaps have to use an entire arsenal of his charms, be soft and attentive.

When It Is too Late for Sex

Finally, by 10 pm, at last, she is overwhelmed by the passion of love, but it is too late, since the male organism , although still wanting “it”, is already fighting with the power of sleep. That is why, often enough, after a few minutes of passionate embraces, the male falls fast asleep under the influence of the endorphins, which arrived to the brain during the orgasm. This greatly upsets the girlfriend, who is open for a heart-to-heart talk at this time.

Listen to Your Partner’s and Your Body

Surely, we can not treat biorhythms as a rigid forecast. Humans are not mechanisms and deviations from the scheme proposed by Platz do exist. Nevertheless, the German doctor’s advices can be very helpful for most men and women. The main point is that we should not be easily hurt by a refusal in intimacy. It does not necessarily mean that the feelings are gone, it can very much be the case that the partner’s libido has taken a time-out for a while. Be patient and attentive towards your beloved one; try to find out when he or she has the greatest desire for an intercourse. Listen to your own feelings as well: when you are in the mood for some love games as well.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chance to Survive

Not knowing what was coming was challenging, although having biorhythm charts on everyone in the household was a huge advantage for marshaling scarce emotional resources and having an idea of when were the most dangerous and unstable times. Knowing when to allow invasive procedures when the patients have the greatest chance to survive is invaluable.

It was good you had 14 months with your mom. It is an amazing experience to go through the death process with a loved one. The bonding is the most powerful I have every felt, especially with 3 years with my mom and 4 years with my dad.

Even though the emotional and financial challenges were severe, you cannot put a price on the emotional and spiritual rewards you receive when you do the right thing for the people in your life. There is something special about your parents telling you thank you for changing their diapers and feeding them when they can no longer take care of themselves.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Biorhythms Daily Reading

Creative thinking is strong and you can clearly see the deeper meaning of things.

One more post about new online biorhythm calculator. Just to admit the usability and friedly interaction with end user ...

Color waves represent Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive biorhythms in range 0 - 100%.

* red stars indicate Critical days, when associated abilities are unstable

Biorhythm cycles for 18 June 2008

Physical: 50%, rising, critical day

Emotional: 95%, falling

Intellectual: 0%, falling

Intuitive: 86%, rising

Overall: 48%, Gray day

Biorhythm daily reading

Creative thinking is strong and you can clearly see the deeper meaning of things. Your subconscious is more active, so don't ignore unusual incidents today. Perhaps you will be visited by inspiration. Imagination is also increased. Beware of illusions! This is a favorable day for business and personal contacts, as well as active communication.

Physical instability

Be careful when using tools and appliances, working with fire or electricity, or when operating machinery or transports. Accidents or injuries may occur on the job.

Critical combination

Emotional maximum and intellectual minimum. This situation is stressful for men. The emotional maximum inspires activity and increases drive, but the intellectual minimum does not support the objectivity necessary to make optimum decisions, most especially in unknown or unusual situations.

Want more biorhythms?

Try Natural Biorhythms calculator - a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts.

There are some features:

  • partners' compatibility test

  • relationship advices

  • printable monthly biorhythms calendar

  • biorhythmic matching

  • personal biorhythmic forecast

Download Natural Biorhythms

Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Online Biorhythm Charts

Biorhythms for beginners

Biorhythms are graphic representation of internal "biological clock" that determines many aspects of a person’s life.

Welcome to new free online biorhythms. Easy to use, friendly and informative. Forewarned is forearmed.

Physical biorhythm tracks the human's strength, endurance, powers and state of health.

Emotional biorhythm tracks the stability and positive energy of your psyche and outlook on life, as well as your capacity to empathize with and build rapport with other people.

Intellectual biorhythm is representative of verbal, mathematical and creative abilities, as well as your capacity to analyse the world around you.

Intuitive biorhythm tracks an unconscious perception, instincts, may be useful to know when you can trust your "sixth sense".

Each of these biorhythms starts at the time of birth. Cycle is divided into active phase (above zero level) and passive one (below zero).

The day when one or more rhythms are changing from active to passive phase and vice versa is a critical day. During the critical day the associated abilities are unstable, and it is wise to be really careful during that day.

Biorhythms background

Biorhythms were known in Ancient China more than 3000 years ago. The famous "Book Of Changes" which predicts the future and gives advice for any occasion was written on its basis.

As for new age, the first studies of biorhythms were made in Berlin in the 19th century. A human "master internal clocks" were discovered that regulates a 23-day cycle influencing physical condition and another 28-day cycle influencing emotions or degree of sensitivity.

Nowadays biorhythms make it possible to know for sure when a person can get the best of it in business, sport, education and even in private life. Biorhythms are also widely used to prevent accidents, to control the person’s state of health and to predict the people’s compatibility.

Useful biorhythms

  • You will learn your opportunities as well as opportunities of the people around you at any given time. This will help you to be a step ahead and face your future with confidence. At certain times, it may save your career, family, or even life

  • Having additional information about people close to you, you will learn to better understand them. This could help you in raising children and in strengthening your relationships.

  • Children conceived during favorable periods in the cycle will have a greater chance to get the best of both parents.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Complete Bollocks Or The Dog’s Bollocks?

Here’s a bit of pseudo-science for you.

I’m sure you’ve been in the position before where you feel dry in the creativity department. You’re looking at a blank page and you have no clue what to write about. This frustrates you and you wonder why you were brimming with the joys of life last week but today for some reason, you just couldn’t be arsed.

Or perhaps you’re just back from a brief walk to the shops, and you suddenly feel like you could happily climb a mountain, though you haven’t had much coffee today. The following week you return from the same shops and slump on the couch, unable to even lift a magazine.

Somedays you might feel like you could learn Japanese in a week, yet other days you find yourself reading the same sentence in your favourite book fifteen times, with a total inability to concentrate.

‘Yep, I hear you sister!’… you might say. But what’s it all about? Why the rollercoaster?

The answer is very simple, and is completely out of your control.

Online Biorhythm generator

From the moment you were born, a cycle started. It’s regular and predictable. There are three main cycles governing your day-to-day life, which are physical, emotional, and intellectual.

When you click on the link and enter your birthdate, you’ll be able to find out exactly where you stand in each category, and can then plan your day around it. Not only that, but you can enter a date in the future to find out if, for example at your cousin’s wedding next week, you’ll be dancing the night away or insulting your relatives with gusto!

How handy is that?!?!

Complete bollocks or the dog’s bollocks? You decide.


Friday, June 13, 2008

If it's your biorhythms?

A reader recently sent me a link to a Web site that, like many others like it, offers free daily biorhythm readings. You type in your birthday and the calculator will tell you, in addition to how many days old you are (how depressing is that), what your physical, intellectual and overall state are at the moment.

Background on biorhythms from Wikipedia: "The theory of biorhythms claims that one's life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles, and seeks to make predictions regarding these cycles and the personal ease of carrying out tasks related to the cycles. Some proponents think that biorhythms may be potentially related to bioelectricity and its interactions in the body."

When I got the e-mail and clicked over to the site, I found out that not only was I 10,776 days old (and to think, no one sent a card), but my overall condition was so precarious that if at all possible I should lie down in seclusion for the entire day. Seriously, that was the recommendation. My creative energy was "gone" and my brain was "in stand-by mode." Coincidentally, that was the beginning of the bad mood, and as each following day got worse, I checked back to see whether my biorhythms were supporting my experiences. They were.

Of course, biorhythms are considered by the establishment to be a pseudo-science. And no matter how many people tell me (OK, so far only one) that doctors sometimes schedule their surgeries around their bad biorhythm days, I'm not convinced (and certainly not seeing that doctor). But the idea that there could be a reason for otherwise inexplicable lapses in mental and physical soundness that cost us days of production and happiness is a pretty tempting one. Because if not for something like biorhythms, it's just our own weakness.

Which leads me to the other, more proactive approach to dealing with a slump, (thus the unappealing one), which is to try to turn it around with exercise, mind control or good old-fashioned gumption. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's true that sometimes if you nip it in the bud, a bad mood can be averted with a morning jog or a forced smile. But other times, a stretch of dark days just dig in for a while and there isn't that much you can do about it, other than to try your best to be nice to your friends, family and co-workers (or if not nice, not outright nasty).

Of course, if a slump is more than just a slump (perhaps these stretches are frequent or last longer than usual), professional help is a good idea. But if it's your biorhythms? Heck, it's just not your fault. Tell people to stay out of your way and, if possible, take a lot of naps.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Using Biorhythms To Pick Up Human Intent

It appears we have found many identifiers for Bio-Metrics to identify people. In this new age of International Terrorism with bad guys trying to get Pilot s Licenses, HazMat Driver s Licenses, get onto airlines, step onto buses and sneak over our borders we need a fool proof system. Currently we use fingerprints to identify criminals and those who hold important positions. Some of the newest forms of security include retina scans, voice prints, palms, DNA, Implanted RFID Chips, etc.

We have devices, which can see thru trucks, pick up the scent of bio-weapons that use heat to pick-up illegal human trafficking inside vehicles. We need sensors to pick up human intent. Lying devices tell us when someone is exuding thru facial sweat glands, but what about a person who is not close to the device? Inside a vehicle, in a crowd or approaching a sensitive check point. Advanced warning could be the difference between life and death.

The human plume of odor is highly detectable and we are figuring out ways to use this to identify approaching human threat. One way that is not talked about enough is the electromagnetic signatures given off by people. Every human body has a set of biorhythms. The nerves use electrical signal, the pulse and heart rate are also very significant and unique to human beings. Even the brain waves are detectable thru the waves, which are sent out. The skull acts as an antenna and with careful fine-tuning and calibration we can detect these waves. It appears that animals can sense these as human approach them.

We are now able to build devices, which can detect minute changes in brain waves from afar. Such detection could help us identify someone in a crowd with evil thoughts and a sense of call to action to prevent a flare up of violence. Guards could be alerted that intruders are approaching and have high heart rates and negative intentions. This could be good for Border Security or perimeter control or fighting in Fallujah, while entering an area where an ambush could occur. They say that the seasoned veterans of war and those of the soldier of fortune mindset have a sixth sense about this. Do they? Or are they in tune to slightest anomalies in approaching brain waves? Well? There are enough real world war stories that there has to be more to this.

The brain waves of humans work at frequencies of 20 Hz during an agitated and hyper state of potential combat. Those who are approaching a facility will be at such a state and their bio-systems and bio-rhythms will give them away. For instance during the 9-11 incident in the parking structure one of the International Terrorists was so hyper sensitive and stressed that he cussed out and yelled at someone in the parking lot who was about to take the parking spot he wanted. It is quite evident that such a stress on the bio-system probably went with himself and the team all the way thru the airport, onto the plane, in the flight and right into the World Trade Towers. If someone had such a state of mind, hyper bio-rhythms, they would be flagged to be further scrutinized, perhaps there is another explanation? Perhaps there is not? Such a system might have stopped the 9-11 hijackers?

Could Bus Stops have such sensors within their design to alert the driver to bypass the stop and not pick up the passengers that time around? In Israel it would be a good idea and prevent radical suicide attacks. In the US it might prevent problems on our buses as well. In the case of a roadside check point the car might be flagged as it approached the crossing point to a separate and more secure area for a further look with a greater degree of caution? Could such devices help at our Mexican and Canadian Borders as well? Surely it could.

We believe further research in the stressful displacement in the bio-rhythms of criminals, International Terrorists, Drug Runners, Coyotes, Smugglers, insurgents and attackers could be reduced significantly using such methodology.

The device would focus energy waves at a device across the road or hallway of an airport. Any waves near the spectrums of bio-rhythms of the human body s bio-system would be recorded by their amount of disruption of the traveling wave. Waves such as personal cell phones, computer PDAs, Heart Pace Makers, car stereos, automobile radar detectors, spark plug resonance, friction sound waves from squeaky brakes would not be anywhere near the bio-rhythm waves and would be deleted from the signature of the approaching car or airline patron approaching the metal detector machine.

I propose a study of 1000 people of different ethnic persuasions to test and to put these test subjects through various stressful situations and record their biorhythm disruptions on a beam of energy. In our study we will also allow for disruptions of various hand held devices such as MP3 Players, Sony Walkmans, radios, pace makers, etc. to see if we can accurately discern the emotional displacement of the individual human at the crossing point through large databases of possible combinations within the realms of potential non-threatening biorhythms. Eventually we will prove we can preempt an attack and pull out a large percentage of potential culprits in advance of a horrific event.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Biorhythms

The true value of astrology lies in self-knowledge, the first step to wisdom.

Introduction - The Astrology of TimeThe ancient Maya and Aztec astrologers studied the mysterious influence of the rhythms of the sky on earthly life. Everyone knows the Sun rises and sets every day -- this is the basic rhythm of life around which we set our clocks and calendars. What the ancient astrologers discovered was that other time cycles existed that were multiples of this basic day cycle.

This fact was discovered about 100 years ago in Europe and these cycles (there are many of them) are now called biorhythms.The most important time cycles in ancient Mayan and Aztec astrology are those of the day, 9-days, 13-days, and 20-days. Additionally, years are counted also, in groups of 4 and 13. Each day is then part of several other cycles, so no two days are exactly the same.

Maya/Aztec horoscope shows exactly where in each of the cycles you were born. Keep in mind that our personalities are complex and contain many contradictions. All of us present a different "face" depending on who we meet. The delineations will reflect this, but they will also give you a clear picture of who you really are. The true value of astrology lies in self-knowledge, the first step to wisdom.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Biorhythms As An Aphrodisiac

Nandan Biomatrix, an integrated company in the field of Nutraceuticals and biofuels, today launched 'Bio-Rhythm' a natural product that fills the gap in the management of male sexual dysfunctions.

Addressing media persons at the launch of the product B Jayakumar, Director Technical Nandan Biomatrix (NBL), said in the present era, men are under more pressure than ever before and the Bio-Rhythm is found to increase libido, reduce stress and improve energy.

Safety studies of Bio-Thythm reveal that Bio-Rhythm is safe for human consumption and suitable for long term usage. Nutritional study reveals that Bio-Rhythm is rich in zinc and other herbal constituents which, in turn, promote production of testosterone by the body naturally and protect sperm from free radical damage, thereby rejuvenating the body. The launch would be followed by similar launches across Andhra Pradesh and in other South Indian states.

The company is foraying into international markets with the appointment of distributors and registration of Bio-Rhythm with the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cote D'Ivoire, Hungary, Redpublic of Yemen and Canada. Jayakumar said current global Aphrodisiac market is approximately USD 3.8 billion and projected to touch USD 6.6 billion by 2012. The total Indian Aphrodisiac market is approximately USD 0.05 billion (200 crore), which includes herbal and allopathic products.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Something About Biorhythms And Basketball

“I quit,” Robinson countered and left the gym.

Just like that.

The way Robinson remembers it, the event happened before the Mountaineers played a pair of consecutive road games — at Duquesne and at Notre Dame — but the box scores on shows that Robinson missed only the Notre Dame game.

In fact, against Duquesne, he scored 16 points while Moore was warming up with 37 points, including 13 for 13 from the free throw line.

But the team took off for Notre Dame, having to face a Notre Dame team that included Orlando Woolridge, Kelly Tripucka, Dave Batton and Bill Hanzlik without Robinson.

The coaching staff obviously knew they were in trouble.

“You know coaches,” Moore said, “they’ll do anything to make you play better.”

At the time, checking one’s biorhythms was the rage, a cycle that is supposed to be able to predict what kind of day you will have.

“Early in the day they said something about my biorhythms and said this would be my worst day of the year,” Moore recalled.

Later, at the arena, assistant coach Jim Amick, who had recruited Moore, called Moore aside.

“We need 40 or 50 points from you,” Amick said.

“What?” said Moore.

“Well, you average 20 points. Maurice is gone, and he averages 20 or so points. We need you to make up for it,” said Amick.

“But you tell me it’s my worst day of the year,” said Moore.

Amick shrugged and walked away.

“Well, for whatever reason — the game was on TV, my Mom was watching, maybe because Red Auerbach was there — I got caught up in the game,” Moore said.

Oh, it was the mismatch everyone thought it would be. West Virginia trailed 52-33 at the half.

But Moore was on fire.

“They tried everyone, and no one could guard me,” Moore said.

That, of course, included Hanzlik, who went on to become one of the best defensive players in the NBA in the 1980s.

Moore hit from all over, going 12 for 25 in field goals, 16 for 17 in free throws — giving him 29 of 30 in his last two games — but the Mountaineers lost, 103-82.

But no one remembers the score of that game, only what Moore did. It seemed to be the start of one of the great careers in WVU history, but he never could repeat it, in part because Gale Catlett became the Mountaineers coach in 1979 and he used a system that worked against an individual becoming a star, as evidenced by the fact that he never sent a player to NBA after Moore.

Moore’s average, 21.3 as a sophomore, dropped to 17.3 as a junior and 16.4 as a senior. In his senior season, he scored 30 points only once while scoring fewer than 10 points seven times.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Human Daily Biorhythms

Do your homework and you’ll be sure to find general diet suggestions based on the body’s natural biorhythms.

You may not be aware of this, but all creatures on planet earth and especially human beings, have natural patterns of three daily body cycles. These laws of biorhythms are so precise they follow exact time patterns. Here they are:

From approximately 4 am to 12 pm we have the Elimination Cycle. During this time the body likes to purge itself of toxic waste materials and unnecessary food metabolisms including salts, proteins and acids. You should consume adequate amounts of fresh seasonal fruit during this cycle. Not only does this supply raw materials to cleansing unwanted substances, but it also makes sure the colon is well hydrated and fed. Fresh raw fruit is a great staple in verifying this Cleansing and Elimination Cycle works like clockwork.

From about 12 pm to 8 pm we have the Energy Cycle. During these hours nutrients are processed from the food you ate and allows for the creation of energy. And like the Elimination Cycle, fresh, organic vegetables and fruit are invaluable in supporting your body to maintain a natural biochemical and electrical body balance.

The third and final cycle is called the Regeneration Cycle and as you probably guessed by now affords the body to take the time it needs to heal and make repairs. This is when the body should receive plenty of quality sleep. During this third cycle, the body absorbs the nutrition from all the food you’ve consumed during the day and then uses these nutriments to rebuild each living cell. If the sleep cycle is disrupted by irregular work patters, night feeding of your baby, travel across time zones or other reasons, the cells do not regenerate and this eventually leads to quick aging. For the body will both feel and look the part. Thus you may see the importance of balanced dieting, regular sleep times and sufficient exercise. This will reduce the amount of toxins your body absorbs and aid a more happy and peace state of mind.

Do your homework and you’ll be sure to find general diet suggestions based on the body’s natural biorhythms. And it must be pointed out at this stage of the discussion, that getting rid of constipation is also important in any validated health program. Understanding and following these principles are vital for improving and then maintaining any measure of health and vitality.

Buy organic if possible. Or even locally grown is better than store bought produce for the most part. This will help ensure the purity and nutritional content of your foods and helps to avoid pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other unsavory elements.

Along with fruits and vegetables, you can add raw seeds, nuts and sprouted grains. Flour isn’t the best ingredient in our foods and probably should be avoided when doing a serious cleanse. That means flour of all kinds - even whole grain - as it becomes acidic when crushed into flour from the original grain.

If you haven’t been exposed to much raw and organic produce it may be a stretch for you to make the transition from cooked, fried and denatured processed foods. Take it slowly and start by eating fresh fruit daily. Maybe after you’ve become accustomed to that you can think about eliminating one toxic food and beverage per week. Sure, it may take you months to accomplish this, but it’s a goal worth achieving.