Thursday, July 31, 2008

Biorhythmic Predictions

Ancient Chinese people thought that biorhythms can be efficiently used for improving many aspects of our lives.

I'm far away from going to poromote our competitors in biorhythms, but they created a very good biorhythmic introduction I can't miss :-)

The term biorhythm describes the cycle created by emotions, intellectuality and physiology and is based on the idea that any form of life on Earth has a certain evolution that is a response to the cycles of the moon, the sun and the seasons.

Those who study biorhythms think that you can find out things related to someone's past and future by examining the rhythms of the his response to the cycles mentioned above. In other words, the emotional, physical and intellectual levels evolve concordantly to the cycles of the sun, the moon and the seasons.

This interrelation between the human cycles and the natural cycles is told to be irrelevant by the critics who consider that the science based on the biorhythm, named chronobiology, is nothing more than pseudoscience. The biological rhythms refer to the way our vital functions modify along with the time cycles. We have some kind of a biologic clock that determines our body to react differently depending on whether is day or night, winter or summer, for example.

The mechanism is situated in the brain and it does its job, however it is influenced by the environment. The chronobiologists developed some studies which show that the biorhythms can seriously affect the symptoms of a disease or the way our bodies react to different medical therapies. As a consequence, the scientists that are interested in biorhythms try to develop methods for improving our health. We all observe that are moments when we feel highly energetic and moments when we are very bored and moments when we feel that we lack energy.

These kinds of states can last for a few days and can greatly influence our activities during that period. Many people choose to use different vitamin tablets and exercises in order to constantly feel energetic and passionate. On the other hand, other people choose to learn how to cope with all these states, with their highs and lows.

They do that by using the modifications determined by their biorhythms and by maintaining the equilibrium when it comes to the emotional, intellectual and physical levels. There may be no magic when it comes to constantly be active but only taking advantage of your biorhythms. We are programmed to react in a certain way to everything around us, so why won't this be the case as well when it comes to the biological rhythm of our organisms. We all need both active and passive phases in our lives but we need to find a way to properly act in both these situations.

Nowadays, there are some people who try to use this as well for general aspects. Don't think that you can use biorhythms for gaining a great amount of money. However, you may get more benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health, as some scientists think.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biorhythmic Energy Management

Another great biorhythmic introduction article.

A couple of years ago I was asked to be a keynote speaker at a women's conference. While I was on the phone with the organizer, I quickly looked up my biorhythms for the conference date. I had a quadruple high! Yahoo! I gladly accepted the invitation, and guess what? I gave the most inspiring and powerful speech I've ever given.

You, too, can make the most of your life by tracking your natural energy flows on a biorhythm program. You'll have a great day and a healthy life!

There are biorhythm programs you can buy on the internet but you'll be fine with a free program to start. Go to Google and search Free Biorhythms. When a site comes up, type in your birth date, and click on your free biorhythm chart for today. (Bookmark this site as a favorite so you can find it easily every day.)

On your computer screen you will see a chart of your energy flows for today. Oh-oh, I see I am on a triple low. So today and for the next few days, I will be scheduling less. I'm not going to go to that meeting an hour drive away and I'm scrapping my plans for shopping and errands. I'm going to work quietly most of the day in my home office, then take a nap and go swimming in the ocean, which always rejuvenates me and gives me joy. The biorhythms are continually moving and changing, waxing and waning. The physical cycle is 23 days long. That means your physical energy will go from the bottom, when you feel somewhat listless, to the top where you feel you can move mountains, and back down to the bottom in 23 days.

As you guessed, the physical biorhythm influences the energy in your body, your physical strength, and health. The emotional cycle is 28 days long and affects your feelings: your levels of optimism or pessimism, excitement or depression, joy or dullness. The intellectual cycle is 33 days long and influences your ability to learn, articulate, and remember. The intellectual biorhythm affects your ability to grasp mental concepts quickly and clearly.

Because your biorhythms fluctuate up and down, every day is different. One day you might have a high mental and low physical; another day you might have a low intuitional but a high emotional. Never a dull moment! You can guess what activities are good to do according to your biorhythms. Some days are better to just stay in bed, while other days you might feel you could move mountains!


First Biorhythmic School

Work has started on this £18.5 million school in Monkseaton, North Tyneside, designed by Newcastle- London- and Sedgefield-based practice Dewjo'c.

The building, which is expected to complete in summer 2009, will feature triangular classrooms and has been inspired by the book Rhythms of Life by neuroscientist Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman, which deals with biorhythms.

According to the book, children are most productive between 1030am and 3pm when their body clocks are in sync with daylight, so the building has been angled to ensure maximum natural ventilation and daylight, helping boost students' learning potential in line with Foster's biorhythm discoveries. Once finished, the school will house 938 students.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yoga as a Biorhythms Tuner

Maintaining the physical body with asana.

The causes of stress in the body are diet, environment, and mismanagement of the daily routine required by the body. There are certain biorhythms in our body which become active during the day and which subside at night.

These biorhythms, which represent the optimum performance of different organs at certain times and their relaxation at other times, are definitely misused. This is possibly the worst kind of stress we can encounter in our lives, more so than environmental or dietary stress, because here we are altering the entire biorhythmic structure of the body.

When we practise asanas, or yogic postures, then this is precisely the area we are trying to reach. Asanas have four major benefits:
- the internal biorhythms are harmonized;
- the pranic energy in our system becomes regulated;
- the blockages and tensions in different muscles are removed;
- there is harmony in the performance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities of the body.

There are many other benefits, but these are the four main ones.

Once we attain these four benefits in our lives with the practice of asana, then there are very few chances of the body encountering or undergoing internal stress conditions. Therefore, one limits the intensity of an illness in the physical structure. Diabetes or arthritis will not come to you and you will not have to take insulin injections or tablets. If diabetes, asthma or joint pains do arise they can be managed or reduced.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Biozavr: Ancient handy biorhythm calculator

Found at Pretty Good Things

When I was in middle school my mom "gave" me this thing called a Biomate that she had back in the day (gave meaning it just stayed in my room for 13+ years). It looks like the one above. Not only is it way cool - but the thing is only a little bigger than the palm of my hand.

For those who don't know about biorhythms Wikipedia says it is, "a hypothetical cycle in physiological, emotional, or intellectual well-being or prowess."

I love this pseudoscience! I actually believe in it, at least a little.Now, before you go checking me into the county mental facility, I would like to point out that many things are cyclical in nature and I for one find I have been 100% accurate when guessing (and then checking my biorhythm) when I am a little low on the intellectual side of life.

Ever have those days where you can't say anything right or your words come out all jumbled? (and NO it is not because you've been drinking again) I challenge you to go check your biorhythm out online and just see if it a little low on the intellectual area. JUST SEE!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Environment: Earth's Biorhythms

As egotistical humans, we seem unable to accept the biorhythm of this planet.

With everyone on the global-warming bandwagon, I think it's time for a little reality check.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is the basis for all plant life, which also nourishes animal life. Far from destroying the world, there is evidence that it is enriching it.

Satellite data analyzed by scientists over the last two decades have shown more than a 6 percent increase in the Earth's vegetation. Tests exposing various plants to excess carbon dioxide have resulted in more growth of bigger, stronger plants.

And the Earth's warming is not a problem, despite all the hype. Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noted that global-mean temperatures have risen only about 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past century. Beginning in 1919, it rose over the next 20 years, then declined over the next 30, rising again and then remaining flat after 1998.

There is volcano activity deep under the polar caps, but nobody mentions this pertinent fact.

Unfortunately, that is not the only fact shoved to one side by the media and environmentalists. The Vikings settled Greenland in 986 A.D., and raised cattle, hay and grain for 300 years. No cars there. The Earth has gone through numerous cooling and warming stages. We are now in the declining years of the last Little Ice Age.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Biorhythms in Golf

Just a little note about biorhythms implementation while playing golf:

"We'll also take a look at the incredible ebbs and flows of the tournament, by measuring the players' attitude on a Biorhythm Meter."

Interesting, how mentioned "Biorhythm Meter" looks? Is it an electronic device or computer program? What "Biorhythm level: 3" means? And… what kind of biorhythm (physical, emotional etc) was measured?

I asked that questions and hope on reply. Really interesting.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maya Moon Biorhythms

It looks like every civilization invents own biorhythm cycles that slightly differs in periods ...

The Moon played an important role in ancient Mesoamerican (middle America, i.e. Mexico and northern Central America) astrology. The astrologers of this region noticed that blocks of time had different and specific qualities. They recognized that the rising and setting of the Sun every day establishes the basic time unit — the day. Their great discovery was a 20-day cycle, similar in many ways to a biorhythm. Each day in the 20-day cycle has specific qualities, similar to the signs of the Western zodiac. Each has a name, a symbol, and a delineation.

They also noticed how fast the Sun and Moon moved across the sky. In one day, the Moon moves as far as the Sun does in 13 days. Also, in one year, the Moon cycles with the Sun 13 times. These are two major reasons why the number 13 came to be the most powerful number in ancient Mexican astrology.

The most powerful calendar of ancient Mexico was one that had 20 “weeks” of 13 days, a total of 260 days. This astrological calendar, or almanac, was (and still is) used for interpretation and forecasting, not for ordinary use. The twenty 13-day “weeks,” known in Spanish as the Trecena (13ths), are basically lunar in nature since they represent the time taken for the Sun to match the Moon’s daily travel. Each of the twenty 13-day periods has a specific meaning that is “generated” by the named solar day (the day-sign) that begins the period. These “first days” are numbered 1, followed by the name of the day.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Runner's biorhythms

If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter

So, you want to be a runner and you want to know what it means to be one. Well, I was motivated to write this post after viewing the recently posted video showing Pat, Brian, Layton and others after running at 5:30 am. On the one hand you see Pat voicing the difficulties that he experienced during the run, Brian being totally non-committal and Layton forever smiling and giving wise, albeit somewhat misleading advice concerning oxygen consumption. This variance in attitudes of runners is to be expected and celebrated, as runners are people first and therefore are blessed with there own wonderful individualism. But what struck me most was a single remark made “off camera”. I believe it was Layton, although it could have been any of the others who said, “No man runs alone.” It is this principle that I have always tried to emulate and I am so glad to see some of this rubbing off on others.

You see, there is nothing more frustrating and demoralizing for a beginning runner, one who is returning from an injury or one who simply has not developed their level of competence to see someone run ahead, especially when they are suffering. And believe me, we all will have or have had those bad days when our “bio-rhythms” are simply out of whack for whatever explicable or inexplicable reason. The term “bio-rhythm” is most likely foreign to most of you, but it is a term that, in my opinion is a most descriptive word that defines all of the external and internal influences that individually or collectively affect how we feel and how we in turn perform. Your performance can be clearly impacted by things under your control such as the type of food eaten the night before; your level of hydration; the manner in which you mentally and physically prepare for the elements; the type of shoes you wear; how you slept the night before; how much stress you are under and so forth (you can probably fill in your own favourites). These factors are fairly understandable, but some other factors that are far more mysterious and often not within your control, might include the amount of pollution in the air; the air pressure (is it rising of falling); the magnetic pull of the moon and sun; the amount of daylight; the height of the sun in the sky; the smell of the soap that you are using and so many other factors that are too many to name. So do not deny those bad days, or even try to explain them away, as they WILL happen.

It is the mystery of what is behind both the good days and the bad days that amazes me, and I would invite you all to be similarly amazed. I like to compare the complexities of what may affect my running to the wonderful and amazing growth of a plant. Why is it that certain plants grow better than others, even when there is an apparent similarity in care? This is a wonderful and amazing MYSTERY that my feeble mind can only try to imagine. Yet I can witness this everyday. As an example, my wife has had a Shamrock plant for years, and about a year ago I forgot to keep it watered and it almost died. Well only after months of TLC from my wife it did come back. But what is amazing, this plant loves the television. In fact when you have the plant near to the TV and turn it on, it actually vibrates. Now this sounds crazy, but I have seen this happen and my eyes do not deceive me. Is there an explanation? Not that I can fathom, but I know it happens. Just like I know I have good days and bad days running and most times there is no explanation.

All of this said, when you look at what must have happened this morning, Pat was clearly having difficulty, for whatever reason, whereas Layton was full of vim and vinegar, yet Layton and I have to assume the others finished together. It has been my experience that I have been both the blessed recipient of help from superior (at least on that day) runners and have at the same time tried to assist others who may be struggling. If you want to be a good runner, then remember your fellow runner, because he or she may be your salvation as soon as tomorrow.

As for me, I will always try to be the last runner to finish and as I indicated, there will be at least sometime when each of you, including me (just ask Joel about two weeks ago) will experience a very difficult run. This is all part of the physical and mental portion of the training and if you do not experience a bad run at least once, then either you are most fortunate or someone else is hurting more than you. So, please do not be upset if on any given day you are the chosen person to be one step ahead of me, in fact celebrate, as this will mean that you have achieved an important part of your training. Remember, running is all MIND OVER MATTER (as Satchel Page said, “If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.”) and because a running is 95% mental (and the other half is physical), you all must work as much or more so on mental toughness as on physical endurance.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Experience With Biorhythm Readings

Very interesting discussion about quackery biorhythms readings ... I only wonder what the hell the "biorhythms computer" is?

"Have any of you had any experience with biorhythm readings, or any other such quackery where you were hooked up to a "computer" and completely diagnosed?

My wife's family is big into alternative medicine. About two years ago they jumped onto the Nikken bandwagon, and now someone in the family has obtained a "biorhythm computer" (thats supposedly illegal in the US) that can tell you everything about yourself, from depression, "allergic to dairy", stress, and cancer. Being a man of science, this bothers me, because every argument I put to it, my wife waves off as "So if you don't believe in it, it can't possible work", or "So if it doesn't come from a Dr. in a office, it can't possibly work".

I will admit, some of the stuff that they have told her, or her family is kind of weird. She knew that my wife had a iron deficiency, but they also told her alot of generic stuff like she has a "stress problem" and hasn't been sleeping properly. Shes a stay at home mom, of course she has stress. They also told her that she could not get cancer, because cancer is a acid and her system is very basey. That last claim is what really upset me. Should I just let her keep believing this quackery? "

- And the best possible comment "I'm going to use my psychic powers here... oh, yes, it's coming to me: Your wife is a libra. She takes echinacea and vitamin C daily to ward off colds. She used to think she was a spring, but now it seems she is a summer. Her entron levels are through the roof. She once won $400 playing the lottery. She wears a St. Christopher's around her neck. She found a nickel using a divining rod.

Really, none of these may be true, but you can clearly see that quackery can lead to a loss of money. That is just the beginning though. The "biorhythm" machine is harmless until your wife uses it to actually base medical decisions on its "readings." If she fails to get a mammogram or pap smear because she's convinced that she's immune to cancer, then you need to get worried."

- "Most altie woo is pretty harmless nonsense. My dad & his wife (she works for a "supplement" company) are into a combo of sound dietary practices and quacky nonsensical junk science.

Since it's not doing them any harm, and since a healthy amount of attention to one's health is, well, healthy, I try to keep my mouth mostly shut. My threshold for disabusing them is pretty simple, and a modification of the Hippocratic Oath: First, (let them) do no harm (to themselves)."

- "If you want to prove your wife's family wrong, find somebody with a set of known conditions, hook 'em up to the illegal biorhythm computer (heehee), and watch as the machine fails to diagnose them.If you'd like to have a happy relationship, I think it's important to pick your battles. (When I was a kid, in, say, the mid-'80s, the local Chuck E. Cheese had a biorhythm machine.

If I recall correctly, you'd drop in a token, put your thumb on a metal pad, hear some clanking and whirring, and finally be presented with a dot-matrix printout which heavily featured a bunch of curves. Oh, and it was right next to a fortune-telling machine. Wow--I must be at the peak of my reminiscing cycle.)"

- "Oh, yeah, my gramma's old 386 had a program that did these. Illegal? According to whom? That'd be my first line of attack, then I'd go for making specific claims (the "rhythms" of my gramma's machine showed ascendent and descendent health curves, as well as intelligence curves. It was easy to take a similar test, like crosswords or number puzzles, on different days and chart the speed results against the curves and see that they were independent), then debunking them."


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Group biorhythms compatibility charts

Any person has unique biorhythms that represent a number of vital abilities like stamina, immunity to disease, moods, memory, unconscious perception etc.

Therefore it’s possible to calculate biorhythms for group of persons, so called mutual effect rhythms or group biorhythms. Group biorhythms represent an interaction between two or more persons at any moment.

Group biorhythms in team management

Group biorhythms are useful for team management. It’s possible either to build new team with necessary performance and compatibility or evaluate existing team per numerous criteria.

For example, sports team must have synchronized physical biorhythms to achieve maximal possible results in good days. For sales team emotional compatibility may be important factor to evaluate.

How it works?

Two persons with synchronized physical biorhythms will have 100% physical compatibility and certainly pass through the high periods, when joint efforts are doubled and team effectiveness is up to 100%.

However they should also be ready for the low periods, when both are completely empty and team effectiveness is 0%.

On the other hand, two persons with 0% physical compatibility will always compensate each other and team effectiveness is about 50% at any moment.

Group biorhythms compatibility charts

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Guru Tips: Making $340 per day with lucky biorhythms

"I did fantastically well last Friday, which according to my biorhythm chart was my lucky day. I did $340."

Leerie Tagney worked the offramp from northbound I-25 in Monument, where he says he makes about $25 an hour panhandling.

"I make a good $25 an hour," said Tagney, 71, known as "Mr. Wizard" and looking the part with turquoise eyes and a frizzy blond-streaked gray beard. "I did fantastically well last Friday, which according to my biorhythm chart was my lucky day. I did $340." Without the $6 ride on the Front Range Express bus, Tagney would be just another beggar on Denver's streets. Tagney limits his treks to Monument to two times a week.

"These are beautiful, generous people," he said. "I don't want to wear it out." He totes a water jug, jacket, snacks and several hats. He likes to look presentable. He prides himself on being a gentleman. He knows the demographics of his client base. "This area leads to upper-middleclass housing and a generally Christian community. I have teenagers give me $20 bills."

He regards it as an investment in a maladjusted misfit who thinks big. "I consider what they give me sacred money. It's in a trust for my betterment, it's not mad money," he said. "I gave up booze 23 years ago. I don't use drugs, I'm not about to start at 71. I like to have a cup of tea and have something at McDonald's and socialize a little bit. I bought a $500 crystal ball on layaway."

His name is on the business cards for tarot card and horoscope readings he does for $10 at the Mercury Cafe in Denver. But it isn't until he starts talking about the octagonal 5-foot clock he's spent four years building with wood and 1,308 upholstery nails that his Mr. Wizard side rears.

"There will be a Buddha in the middle, surrounded by the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar," he said. "I have all the radially codes of the planets, starting with Pluto, in simple and complex form." The clock, which he thinks should fetch $10,000 at auction, will be functional. "It will tell time," he said.