Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not To Fight The Body's Natural Rhythm

It's important not to fight the body's natural rhythm. The problem that many people face is that their natural body clock is not in sync with their real world responsibilities. If you're a night owl and you need to get your kids out in the morning for school you're in conflict. If you work first shift and you feel more awake during second shift there's a conflict. The conflict isn't harmful per se, but it doesn't give you full access to your internal energy and may limit what you can engage in while coping with illness.

There are certain clues that will provide you with the information you need to optimize your energy and create alignment with your natural body time clock. Is it difficult to wake up in the morning? Do you hit snooze over and over hoping that you could stay in bed? Do you need the alarm clock to wake up in the morning? If you answered yes to the previous questions you may not be a morning person internally, but out of habit or necessity. Ask yourself when you're at your peak during the day. Take note when you experience a slump in energy and attention during the day. Keep tabs on when you are fully present instead of simply going through the motions.

When you know when your optimal of time of day is you can schedule your activities to maximize your energy and attention. Scheduling your most important meetings or appointments with your healthcare team when you're focused is important because you're more inclined to ask better questions and be a true partner in your healthcare. You don't need as much artificial energy boosters like caffeine and sugar to get energy. Reducing the amount of artificial energy boosters will reduce the toxins in your system allow the body's natural rise and fall of hormones to carry you through your day.

There aren't any hard and fast rules about how you should expend your energy. It is clear that when your body is alignment with its internal clock you are more aware of your body, your surroundings and are able to make decisions and take action based on that alignment. There is a tendency in our culture to force the body to do things that aren't natural. Keeping your body tied closely to its biological rhythms will improve the body's efficiency and that helps improve treatment outcomes and improves your quality of life.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Introduction to Acupuncture and Biorhythms

Easy and clear biorhythms introduction found on physics teacher

"In the science behind acupuncture, a symptom may be caused by too much energy at an organ, and other symptoms by an insufficient amount of energy."

We all know something about biorhythms. Basically, a biorhythm is an internal clock that regulates our bodies in relation to the daily positions of the sun, and the monthly positions of the moon. This can be seen in the time it takes our bodies to adjust to small changes, such as the changes of daylight savings time, or in large changes, such as jet lag. Our understanding of and interest in biorhythms has been recent, within the last thirty or forty years.

The ancient Chinese observed this connection between our bodies and the planets many centuries ago, and use it intheir practice of acupuncture. They list a number of different biorhythms, from the normal twenty four hour cycle up through longer several day periods. All of these are used to follow and influence fluctuations in body energy. In acupuncture, this energy circulates through each part of the body throughout the day, each organ having a two hour time for maximum energy and a time for minimum energy.

For example, the major organs have their maximum energy in the following order: first the liver, then the lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, etc., in sequence, for all of the twelve major organs. This order was discovered by years of observing the times of day that the disorders of the various organs displayed their worst symptoms. The acupuncture practitioner can use the times of a patient's symptoms to help determine which organs and energy channels are affected, and also help select the favorable times to treat the patient.

For example, many of the worst asthma attacks take place during the wee hours, which is the maximum energy period of the lungs. The best time to treat these cases is at a time as close to this time as possible.

In the science behind acupuncture, a symptom may be caused by too much energy at an organ, and other symptoms by an insufficient amount of energy. (The determination of which symptoms fall into which category has been catalogued over many centuries, and there are many books on acupuncture detailing these for each of the major organs.) The best time to treat a symptom associated with too much energy is during its maximum energy output, and a symptom with a deficiency in energy is just after the maximum output is over. Of course, it may not be possible to get to your practitioner at those particular times, and there are also other good choices at other times of the day.

In addition to the daily biorhythm, there are also ten day intervals associated with the moon, and so the acupuncture practitioner might strongly suggest that a particular day would be better for treatment than another, based on the particular symptoms reported. Each day of the ten days is associated with one of two aspects of the Qi energy, and also associated with one of five elements. Particular organs are associated with particular elements, and so stimulation of these organs will be more successful on those days associated with the correct element.

It is important for us to take note of the times our symptoms occur as well as what our symptoms are, for that is important information in our acupuncture treatment plan. And know that the time and dates for our treatments are an important part of how well the treatment works.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biorhythm Imbalances Test

Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD is a pioneer in hormone and electrolyte research. He specializes in hormone and electrolyte testing and balancing. His lab currently uses saliva to test the bio-availability of DHEA, Cortisol, Progesterone, Testosterone and Estradiol and the electrolyte levels of sodium, potassium, chloride in both men and women over a 24 hour period of time.

A patient starts collecting their saliva at 8 AM. They take a sample every 4 hours until 4 AM the next morning. By studying the levels of bio-active hormones and electrolytes available in saliva, doctors learn a great deal about the health and disease processes going on inside their patients’ cells. Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD’s saliva testing of hormones and electrolytes and customized cream production is one of the answers to biorhythm imbalances that occur on critical and sub-critical biorhythm days.

Dr. Tatai, MD, one of the leading biorhythm safety consultants in Japan, believed hormonal imbalances were the cause of biorhythm instability that resulted in accidents, injuries and mistakes on unstable days. Dr. Borkin also realized through his research that our beloved pets suffer hideously because of hormonal and electrolyte imbalances. Dr. Borkin’s lab will soon be adding testing for brain chemistry along with hormone testing for pets and animals. Their levels of balance are similar to that of humans. It is time our cats, dogs and horses were spared the ravages of cancer, arthritis and other life threatening viral, parasitic and bacterial infections. It is amazing just how healthy a person or pet can be when their hormones and brain biochemistry is balanced by supplementation.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Biorhythms And The School Design

We already mentioned biorhythm's guided school in previous posts. Now digits are changing and some more details become available.

Leading north east architects Dewjo'c won the contract to design the exemplary new £20.3million state-of-the-art building. Planning permission was granted to construct the new Monkseaton High school, on Seatonville Road in January. Due for completion in summer 2009 it will provide 938 places for 13 to 19- year-olds.

Dewjo'c's design for the flagship school is based on the exemplar principles laid out by the UK government in 2002 and will create a light, modern, 21st century facility. The architects worked closely with engineering consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff, the school's headteacher, leading academic Dr Paul Kelley, and his deputy John Sexton, both of whom are instrumental in developing stimulating teaching environments that maximise pupils learning potential.

The design of Monkseaton High was also influenced by the book 'Rhythms of Life', by Russell Foster – a professor of molecular neuroscience – and Leon Kreitzman, which shows that humans have natural biorhythms which govern their daily lives.

In children this makes them most productive between the hours of 10.30am and 3pm, when their body clocks are in sync with daylight. The basic design envisages an educational community stacked within a large protective shell. The school will be orientated to ensure maximum natural ventilation and daylight, helping boost students learning potential in line with Foster's biorhythm discoveries.

The design incorporates a number of learning areas for students to study, independent of teachers.The building's light and airy atmosphere will encourage 'open' learning and is a move away from traditional, 'institutional' school design. Clear walls and open learning spaces remove barriers created by solid corridors and doors. Unlike conventional school buildings, the design for Monkseaton High School aims to maximise space within classrooms, providing teaching spaces and learning areas which will be multifunctional and flexible.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Heroes Leadership Program

Great mention of biorhytms on site To Think & Grow Rich Your Subconscious

The “In Search Of Heroes Leadership Program” teaches parents, children, teachers and civil servants how to identify and develop their potential heroic leadership abilities.

They learn how to develop and use the full power of their minds through mind-mapping and by creating and nurturing their own hero within. They learn the value of using biorhythms to minimize accidents, injuries and mistakes while optimizing their performance in all areas of life. They use the detailed personality information in their astrological natal charts and handwriting analysis profiles to identify and develop their natural capabilities and skills.

They also learn how to use biorhythm and astrological compatibility reports to achieve harmonious relationships in their family, community and city. The goal is to create mastermind groups based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his “Think and Grow Rich” book. Everyone must learn how to work harmoniously together to solve problems in their families and communities. Individuals will use social networking sites like “MySpace” “Facebook” and “YouTube” to make new friends and establish new virtual communities so they can share valuable knowledge and useful solutions on how to solve any and all local problems.

Every individual, family and community will benefit from this international program. It develops the full potential of every individual. It inspires and motivates everyone in the community to make a positive difference in the lives of their family members, friends and neighbors. It teaches them how to live harmoniously with their family members, friends and business associates while they spread “Good News” about local heroes. It empowers individuals to be proud of their community because they are solving their own local problems.

Since 1980, when I was Director of Health Research for Family Fitness Centers, I have been developing training programs that include colorful mindmaps, Biorhythm Awareness charts, astrological natal charts, handwriting analysis and superlearning slide shows with brain integrating music, outlines and text documents that help people learn faster and remember more.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Speech Patterns Affect Biorhythms

What entrainment demonstrates… Even very subtle cyclical energies have a substantive impact on their eighboring cyclical energies.

Reverberations from clocks entrain and humans entrain to each other.

“Psychology” is way behind State-of-the-Art. It wasn’t until 1978 that Western medicine accepted that conscious thought affects biorhythms when a yogi placed himself naked in a small sealed Lucite box that was submerged in water for far longer than he should have had oxygen to breathe. Doctors had little choice but to concede that the yogi had intentionally slowed his biorhythm.

We now know that speech patterns affect biorhythms.

You can prove this to yourself by going to your local alternative bookstore and ask to use their biorhythm monitor. (Okay, I grew up in California where this is commonplace. You may not have easy access to a biorhythm monitor.) Get a read at your normal level. Choose a song you know by heart and say this song faster than normal for 30 seconds. Notice the tempo of your biorhythm increase.

Next, say the song slower than normal speech for 30 seconds and watch the cadence of your biorhythm decrease. Speaking slower does not always slow one’s biorhythm. Intentionally speaking slowly with a fast talker will increase your biorhythm relative to the cadence of slow talking in the experiment above.

There is evidence of large-scale human entrainment. The tempo of the American Southern accent is an amalgamation between the colonial British rhythm of speaking and the various African rhythms as spoken by slaves of that era. The Southern accent demonstrates verbal entrainment. Since speech patterns impact biorhythms, it appears human biorhythms do entrain.