Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bio Rhythms Readings

There are more and more psychics are coming out in the market everyday. Every one say he is very powerful on in foretelling your future of you. But, you need to be careful in selecting an authentic psychic. Moreover, you also need to select an authentic website for that. It will benefit you to get your purpose done successfully.

Our body is functioning in co operation with the bio rhythms of its internal vibrations and the world outside. This function can be compared with the planetary movements, the movement of the sun and moon. The entire universe is involved with this connection.

Some of the people have got extra sensory perceptions. This is something beyond the perception of your sensory organs. Eyes, nose, tongue, skin and ears are the five sensory organs through which all human beings get the information. But, if you find information beyond these sensory inputs out of special intuitive powers, then it is called as extra sensory perception. This will help to know about your future. This kind of knowledge is used by some of the psychics.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can Biorhythms Help You in Trading

Biorhythms were used by sport coaches in training programs for athletes competing in the Olympic Games.

When I first learned about biorhythms I was only a teenager. I thought there was some science behind it or at least that's what the sources I consulted then wanted me to believe. The truth be told, though, there is probably very little scientific evidence to support the idea of biorhythms, but a quarter of a century later, I still consult biorhythms, even if I should know it better by now. Yes, I do consult them because I have noticed that there is a good deal of positive correlation between my mood and mental acuity and my emotional cycle.

And to some extent also between my energy levels and my physical cycle or my mental prowess and my intelligence cycle, though I seem to be mostly affected by the 28 day (practically monthly) emotional cycle. There are times when I really cannot understand or explain why I am feeling particularly lousy or sappy on a given day as there seems to be no good external or any apparent internal reason for that. On a day like that I usually check my biorhythms and more often than not I am presented with a plausible explanation: I am either close or I just entered a critical day or my cycles are indicating a bearish phase, meaning I am down. And so perhaps the best I can do at a time like that is to prevent myself from starting to dig in this hole. Let's just relax a bit, it's not likely that I am going to get done a lot today, anyway.

Biorhythms were used by sport coaches in training programs for athletes competing in the Olympic Games. Soccer coaches found biorhythms useful for selecting and training players. In the last 10 or so years, the idea of biorhythms seems to have been discredited. The statistical studies once supporting this idea, have been found wanting and nowadays this idea is considered to belong to the same realm of scientific validity as astrology.

Should we thus totally reject it as bogus? Personally, I believe that would be unwise. Cycles do exist in nature, the most known of them being the annual one related to the Sun and the monthly cycle that has the Moon as its basis. It is well known that different seasons have different influence on humans. In particular, during the winter time we are more prone to depression when during the months when the Sun stays longer above the horizon. The monthly cycle is related to the menstrual activity in females, for instance, but may have also other effects, less pronounced. The fact the all the biorhythmic cycles have been found to be relatively close to the monthly cycle of about 28-30 days should probably not come as a surprise. This probably reflects the fact that the monthly cycle is real.

So how should we approach this issue from the practical point of view and, in particular, from the point of view of a daytrader? Well, first start by monitoring your moods and mental acuity. Whenever, you feel subpar and cannot find a rational explanation for your poor intellectual performance or lousy mood, see if this coincides with a critical day in the emotional cycle, the one that is closest to the monthly cycle and which I personally have found to be of the greatest influence on me. Or perhaps you are very deep in the negative zone of the emotional cycle, close to the bottom. If you notice such correlations, you may want to take them more seriously and simply try to take it easier and be more cautious in your work or your trading when you are experiencing one of those down periods.

It's hard to keep working at the same strength and pace all the time, so use the periods when you feel slower, less psychically, mentally or physically fit to regenerate your energy. This will serve you well in the long run whether your main occupation is that of an emini daytrader, teacher or nurse.


Friday, September 19, 2008

1970s Certina Biostar Varieties

Great post found at "The watchismo times". The article is short, quite sceptic and grumpy however photos are fine.

Maybe the first and the last Biorhythm watch in history.

"Certina made a few varieties of this pseudo-scientific electronic watch all featuring a rainbow of three rings marked with random numbers for love, health and some other nonsense. Oh those silly dirty hippies..."

I see no extra switches to set up day of birth to calculate biorhythms. Most probably the watches were produced and tuned for each customer personally.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Biorhythm Theory is Essentially a Pseudoscience

Another slashing article about biorhythm theory.

Biorhythm theory is essentially a pseudoscience, purporting to deal with biological cycles ignored by those scientists who study biological rhythms, those in the field of Biochronometry, which among other things, involves the circadian rhythms that govern our sleep and wakefulness cycles. In a nutshell, regardless of the variation of the theory used, the idea is the same: to enable people to forecast whether they are going to have a good day or not. Biorhythm theory is supported primarily by numerological jiggery-pokery, media hype, anecdotal accounts, and what is known as the Forer Effect, the tendency to perceive general statements that can apply to anyone as specifically applying to oneself.

In the various mutant strains of the theory that have popped up over the years, a 38 day Intuitional cycle, a 43 day Aesthetic cycle, and a 53 day Spiritual cycle have been added. There are even variants that make use of cycles that are combinations of other cycles, such as a Passion cycle, combining the Emotional and Physical, a Wisdom cycle, mixing together the Emotional and Intellectual and a Mastery cycle, blending the Intellectual and Physical.

Supposedly, each cycle has an integral length in days, and it is assumed that the entire cycle of a rhythmogram will repeat itself after a total of 23×28x33 days, which comes out to 21,252, or about 58 years, though for strict Fliessian biorhythmists this would be calculated at 23×28=644 days, before the entire sequence begins anew. The theory claims that the more ‘positive’ at a particular time a cycle is, the more potent the ‘energy’ of that cycle is, and the greater the success of the interactions of the one the cycle pertains to.

Too bad that science has never been able to find this energy, despite having a good track record for finding other undetectable things, but once again, I digress. Biorhythmists claim that all cycles start at zero at the time of one’s birth, and at certain points on these cycles, an individual will experience great success or great failure. A cycle going through the horizontal zero line on the biorhythm chart (ahh, now we’re getting to it…) is thought to be at a ‘switchpoint‘, or ‘critical point‘ and this is held to be a time when people become accident prone, on so called ‘critical days.’

To date, there have been no scientific studies published in any accredited, peer-reviewed journal which supports biorhythm theory, and indeed it has been tested, though as of 1998 (Hines), in the then 134+ studies that were conducted, the theory has failed all attempts to validate it. The claims of critical points have been shown to be false, and in response, many ‘expert’ biorhythmists have resorted to using questionable math to support their claims. Biorhythm proponents have refused to relinquish the theory even after it has been proven false by empirical data, falling back on the invocation of special pleadings to effectively render the theory unfalsifiable, even to inventing an entire new category of people, the Arhythmic, including the claim that some are arhythmic part of or all of the time.

Also, to save their failed theory, biorhythmists have made major reinterpretations of biorhythm’s mechanisms, again, effectively making it untestable, and therefore, not science. One purportedly scientific study claimed as a finding that, and I quote, about 60% of all accidents happen on critical days, or about 22% of all days, but there is a problem with their methodology, and the reason this study is not valid: Biorhythmists also count the days immediately before and after the so-called critical day, more like 60% of all days, so the statistic would more accurately be stated as ‘60% of all accidents happen on 60% of all days’, which is what you would expect by sheer chance.

Testing biorhythm theory by keeping a journal, and charting each day is useless, as it is subject to a number of methodological problems, such as the well-known phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy, simple suggestibility, and selective validation. As convoluted as biorhythm theory is, with the need to keep track of the rise, falling, and switchpoints of at least two or three cycles, and maybe more, you don’t have to be a math major to be able to tell that its child’s play to find cases to which the theory seems to apply.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Personal Horoscope and Biorhythms Experience

Personal horoscope and biorhythms experience

I subscribe to a daily horoscope and biorhythm thingie. Now, mind you, I don't put 100% stock into such things. For the most part, I just like to see how applicable they are. I have found that oftentimes, horoscopes especially are worded in such a way that they can apply to anyone at any given time. Like going to a charlatan palm reader, and she says "You will meet someone new." Well, if you go to work, or go to the store, or anywhere for that matter, you will meet someone new. Or if they say "You are troubled over something."

Well, who isn't? I know, I know. Not all of them are hucksters. Do people have the gift of predicting the future? I happen to beleive not. There are, however, people who can more easily "read" a person. Body language, general moods, things like that. Basically, just discernment. Again, these are just my personal beliefs. No offense to yours. Well, anyway, today my horoscope is full of warnings, and my biorhythm puts me at a critical low.

As it happens, it seems to be fairly accurate today. I do feel low. Blue, sad, whatever you wish to call it. At least, though, I do feel that sadness is necessary. People who claim to be happy all the time are hiding something, for it is impossible, in my opinion, to confine yourself to any one single emotion on a daily basis.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate my life or anything. I am in generally good health, I have a place to live, food and electricity, I do have a job, and a paid for vehicle with over a half a tank of gas. So, I don't have it as bad as many. Like the people who honestly don't know how they are going to have their next meal. My heart goes out to people like that. In that perspective, my life really isn't bad at all. However, that doesn't change the fact I am down.

I can be thankful and down at the same time. Being thankful does not change the fact that there are still things I want. Like her. It always comes back to her. There are so many things I want to say to her, and when I get the chance, I squander it away on crap like politics, daily goings on, etc. I have yet to speak with my heart, and that bothers me a bit. For one thing, I always question the timing. I like to be careful about certain things. Talking to women is one of them. There is a fine line between finally saying what you need to say, and saying too much, thus crossing into creepy status. Oh, I'll go around in circles for a year, looking for that opportune moment that might not ever come.

It's funny, because I usually don't hesitate to tell someone what I think or feel. It all comes down to choosing your battles. With the heated state of politics these days, I find it better to stay mostly quiet. I have several friends who are quick to say "This candidate sucks! Any who support him are fooling themselves!" Just don't disagree with them. Then they will focus their fanatacism on you. They will even go so far as to call you a fool, or unAmerican for having a different opinion.

Sorry, but I thought that that was one of the things this country was founded on in the first place. So many of us are closed minded, while calling ourselves open minded at the same time. "I am open minded, it just so happens that what you think is wrong." That seems to be the feel for a lot of this. Let me make this clear: Your beliefs are not wrong, and neither are mine. They just disagree. Thank you.

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