Sunday, November 02, 2008

Biorhythms to Accelerate Weight Loss

Use your body’s biorhythm and eat more!

Losing weight is undoubtedly mankind’s biggest battle in modern history! (Well for some of us at least). In as little as 100 years, we humans have earned the accolade for being the fattest animals on the planet. Weight issues is more that just a ‘big’ vanity obsession. Being fat also carry with it tones of serious health issues.

Nevertheless, the truth is many of us wish to loose weight for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason maybe (whether its loosing weight for swimsuit season, for your wedding, to improve your health of just to spice sex life) here are some great tips on how to loose weight fast.

1) Eat more! You heard me. Studies have showed that many of us gain weight not because of how much we eat, but how we eat. When we have a big hefty meal, chances are the body does not need that much energy at that particular moment, so it will store the excessive calories consumed. What we should do is to have more frequent, but smaller meals throughout the day.

By having frequent small meals, the body has time to process the food more efficiently to convert it into energy, instead of fat. Although we may end up eating way more that we did before this program, this method has been proven to help you lose weight quickly!

2) Use your body’s biorhythm. The metabolism rate of your body varies throughout the day. Your body is more active at certain times of day and more passive in others. The trick is to plan your meals according to your body’s biorhythm. You may not have to change the amount of food being consumed everyday, but just change the timing of your meals.

For example, fattening foods like potatoes and other high carbs and high fat foods are best consumed before 12 pm. This is because up to this time, your body’s metabolism is at its highest. From 12 pm to 3 pm, you should stick to fruits vegetables and meat. From 3pm to 7 pm, it is best to stick to just proteins.

After 7, there should be no further consumption of foods. Don’t worry about being hungry as your high protein intake before 7pm will keep you feeling full through out the night.

3) Trick your body! This is another trick where you can loose weight quickly without changing your diet too much. It’s called the vegetable diet trick. During meal times, before you go for the foods that you like, you have to fill half of your plate with vegetables like leafy greens, beans or nuts (not potatoes or French fries).

After that you can fill the other half of your plate with whatever food you want (ice-cream, desert, sweets, meats whatever you wish). Now, before you start eating the food of your choice, you must finish all the vegetables in the other half of your plate first. After you have consumed the vegetables you can proceed to eat the food on the other half.

This is a way of tricking your brain into thinking that you are actually eating a lot of the food that you love, By the time you are done with your vegetables, your appetite for the other side of the plate would have decreased. Over time, your body will start developing a natural preference for vegetables that will help you keep the weight off in the long run!


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