Friday, February 06, 2009

To change your life

William James, known as the father of American psychology said there are three rules to follow if you want to change your life:

1. Start immediately
2. Do it flamboyantly
3. No exceptions

Well you may not want to change your life exactly but you may have thought of achieving a goal or just doing something differently.When it comes to change, many people procrastinate or fall victim to the “perpetually getting ready to do something syndrome”- a feeling that the time’s just not right at the moment, or I’ll start next Monday, better still next month and so on…

Here are some tactics for getting things done now:

If you perceive that the starting task might be unpleasant then schedule it first on your to-do list. It often turns out to be not that bad after all. (no exceptions)
All journey’s begin with a small step, so break down complex projects into small pieces that are manageable and schedule the first step today. (start immediately)
Set a target date for completion. Go public-tell a colleague, friend or partner what you are doing and when you are going to do it (do it flamboyantly)

Finally don’t forget your biorhythms - schedule your most important tasks during the periods when you have the most energy.


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