Sunday, August 10, 2008

Speech Patterns Affect Biorhythms

What entrainment demonstrates… Even very subtle cyclical energies have a substantive impact on their eighboring cyclical energies.

Reverberations from clocks entrain and humans entrain to each other.

“Psychology” is way behind State-of-the-Art. It wasn’t until 1978 that Western medicine accepted that conscious thought affects biorhythms when a yogi placed himself naked in a small sealed Lucite box that was submerged in water for far longer than he should have had oxygen to breathe. Doctors had little choice but to concede that the yogi had intentionally slowed his biorhythm.

We now know that speech patterns affect biorhythms.

You can prove this to yourself by going to your local alternative bookstore and ask to use their biorhythm monitor. (Okay, I grew up in California where this is commonplace. You may not have easy access to a biorhythm monitor.) Get a read at your normal level. Choose a song you know by heart and say this song faster than normal for 30 seconds. Notice the tempo of your biorhythm increase.

Next, say the song slower than normal speech for 30 seconds and watch the cadence of your biorhythm decrease. Speaking slower does not always slow one’s biorhythm. Intentionally speaking slowly with a fast talker will increase your biorhythm relative to the cadence of slow talking in the experiment above.

There is evidence of large-scale human entrainment. The tempo of the American Southern accent is an amalgamation between the colonial British rhythm of speaking and the various African rhythms as spoken by slaves of that era. The Southern accent demonstrates verbal entrainment. Since speech patterns impact biorhythms, it appears human biorhythms do entrain.


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