Thursday, July 31, 2008

Biorhythmic Predictions

Ancient Chinese people thought that biorhythms can be efficiently used for improving many aspects of our lives.

I'm far away from going to poromote our competitors in biorhythms, but they created a very good biorhythmic introduction I can't miss :-)

The term biorhythm describes the cycle created by emotions, intellectuality and physiology and is based on the idea that any form of life on Earth has a certain evolution that is a response to the cycles of the moon, the sun and the seasons.

Those who study biorhythms think that you can find out things related to someone's past and future by examining the rhythms of the his response to the cycles mentioned above. In other words, the emotional, physical and intellectual levels evolve concordantly to the cycles of the sun, the moon and the seasons.

This interrelation between the human cycles and the natural cycles is told to be irrelevant by the critics who consider that the science based on the biorhythm, named chronobiology, is nothing more than pseudoscience. The biological rhythms refer to the way our vital functions modify along with the time cycles. We have some kind of a biologic clock that determines our body to react differently depending on whether is day or night, winter or summer, for example.

The mechanism is situated in the brain and it does its job, however it is influenced by the environment. The chronobiologists developed some studies which show that the biorhythms can seriously affect the symptoms of a disease or the way our bodies react to different medical therapies. As a consequence, the scientists that are interested in biorhythms try to develop methods for improving our health. We all observe that are moments when we feel highly energetic and moments when we are very bored and moments when we feel that we lack energy.

These kinds of states can last for a few days and can greatly influence our activities during that period. Many people choose to use different vitamin tablets and exercises in order to constantly feel energetic and passionate. On the other hand, other people choose to learn how to cope with all these states, with their highs and lows.

They do that by using the modifications determined by their biorhythms and by maintaining the equilibrium when it comes to the emotional, intellectual and physical levels. There may be no magic when it comes to constantly be active but only taking advantage of your biorhythms. We are programmed to react in a certain way to everything around us, so why won't this be the case as well when it comes to the biological rhythm of our organisms. We all need both active and passive phases in our lives but we need to find a way to properly act in both these situations.

Nowadays, there are some people who try to use this as well for general aspects. Don't think that you can use biorhythms for gaining a great amount of money. However, you may get more benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health, as some scientists think.


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