Friday, July 25, 2008

Biozavr: Ancient handy biorhythm calculator

Found at Pretty Good Things

When I was in middle school my mom "gave" me this thing called a Biomate that she had back in the day (gave meaning it just stayed in my room for 13+ years). It looks like the one above. Not only is it way cool - but the thing is only a little bigger than the palm of my hand.

For those who don't know about biorhythms Wikipedia says it is, "a hypothetical cycle in physiological, emotional, or intellectual well-being or prowess."

I love this pseudoscience! I actually believe in it, at least a little.Now, before you go checking me into the county mental facility, I would like to point out that many things are cyclical in nature and I for one find I have been 100% accurate when guessing (and then checking my biorhythm) when I am a little low on the intellectual side of life.

Ever have those days where you can't say anything right or your words come out all jumbled? (and NO it is not because you've been drinking again) I challenge you to go check your biorhythm out online and just see if it a little low on the intellectual area. JUST SEE!

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