Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Group biorhythms compatibility charts

Any person has unique biorhythms that represent a number of vital abilities like stamina, immunity to disease, moods, memory, unconscious perception etc.

Therefore it’s possible to calculate biorhythms for group of persons, so called mutual effect rhythms or group biorhythms. Group biorhythms represent an interaction between two or more persons at any moment.

Group biorhythms in team management

Group biorhythms are useful for team management. It’s possible either to build new team with necessary performance and compatibility or evaluate existing team per numerous criteria.

For example, sports team must have synchronized physical biorhythms to achieve maximal possible results in good days. For sales team emotional compatibility may be important factor to evaluate.

How it works?

Two persons with synchronized physical biorhythms will have 100% physical compatibility and certainly pass through the high periods, when joint efforts are doubled and team effectiveness is up to 100%.

However they should also be ready for the low periods, when both are completely empty and team effectiveness is 0%.

On the other hand, two persons with 0% physical compatibility will always compensate each other and team effectiveness is about 50% at any moment.

Group biorhythms compatibility charts

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