Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biorhythmic Energy Management

Another great biorhythmic introduction article.

A couple of years ago I was asked to be a keynote speaker at a women's conference. While I was on the phone with the organizer, I quickly looked up my biorhythms for the conference date. I had a quadruple high! Yahoo! I gladly accepted the invitation, and guess what? I gave the most inspiring and powerful speech I've ever given.

You, too, can make the most of your life by tracking your natural energy flows on a biorhythm program. You'll have a great day and a healthy life!

There are biorhythm programs you can buy on the internet but you'll be fine with a free program to start. Go to Google and search Free Biorhythms. When a site comes up, type in your birth date, and click on your free biorhythm chart for today. (Bookmark this site as a favorite so you can find it easily every day.)

On your computer screen you will see a chart of your energy flows for today. Oh-oh, I see I am on a triple low. So today and for the next few days, I will be scheduling less. I'm not going to go to that meeting an hour drive away and I'm scrapping my plans for shopping and errands. I'm going to work quietly most of the day in my home office, then take a nap and go swimming in the ocean, which always rejuvenates me and gives me joy. The biorhythms are continually moving and changing, waxing and waning. The physical cycle is 23 days long. That means your physical energy will go from the bottom, when you feel somewhat listless, to the top where you feel you can move mountains, and back down to the bottom in 23 days.

As you guessed, the physical biorhythm influences the energy in your body, your physical strength, and health. The emotional cycle is 28 days long and affects your feelings: your levels of optimism or pessimism, excitement or depression, joy or dullness. The intellectual cycle is 33 days long and influences your ability to learn, articulate, and remember. The intellectual biorhythm affects your ability to grasp mental concepts quickly and clearly.

Because your biorhythms fluctuate up and down, every day is different. One day you might have a high mental and low physical; another day you might have a low intuitional but a high emotional. Never a dull moment! You can guess what activities are good to do according to your biorhythms. Some days are better to just stay in bed, while other days you might feel you could move mountains!


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