Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yoga as a Biorhythms Tuner

Maintaining the physical body with asana.

The causes of stress in the body are diet, environment, and mismanagement of the daily routine required by the body. There are certain biorhythms in our body which become active during the day and which subside at night.

These biorhythms, which represent the optimum performance of different organs at certain times and their relaxation at other times, are definitely misused. This is possibly the worst kind of stress we can encounter in our lives, more so than environmental or dietary stress, because here we are altering the entire biorhythmic structure of the body.

When we practise asanas, or yogic postures, then this is precisely the area we are trying to reach. Asanas have four major benefits:
- the internal biorhythms are harmonized;
- the pranic energy in our system becomes regulated;
- the blockages and tensions in different muscles are removed;
- there is harmony in the performance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities of the body.

There are many other benefits, but these are the four main ones.

Once we attain these four benefits in our lives with the practice of asana, then there are very few chances of the body encountering or undergoing internal stress conditions. Therefore, one limits the intensity of an illness in the physical structure. Diabetes or arthritis will not come to you and you will not have to take insulin injections or tablets. If diabetes, asthma or joint pains do arise they can be managed or reduced.


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