Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AID Motivation: Use Biorhythms


If there is one thing I found most difficult to stick to consistently, it was regular exercise. How about you? I talk in my book about the importance of increasing our activity to raise our heart rate, three to four times a week. I also talk about the ‘Stickability’ factor but one thing I haven’t mentioned is working with our biorhythms.

So lets examine what I mean. Have you ever tried to go to a gym or increase your activity after work or later in an evening? How about 6am in the morning? Believe it or not the time you set aside for extra physical activity has a huge impact on how you manage to stick to it.

We all have an inbuilt mechanism that regulates the flow of energy in our body. At certain times of the day there is more energy available to us than at others. This is our biorhythm. If we are in tune with it and working to its rhythm, whatever we do will flow more easily and be more enjoyable. Work against your biorhythm and you will always struggle.

For me, my optimum time to exercise is 6am! This is when I am most full of energy. Undertaking an activity at that time of day seems to set me up for the day. I feel more energetic and find that my mind rarely wanders to thinking about food. When there is an opportunity to get more active during the day I find myself enthusiastic and not resistant.

But that is my biorhythm and yours may very well be quite different. So how do you regulate your increased physical activity to your biorhythm? If you haven’t thought about it before, give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

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