Friday, May 09, 2008

The Secret Of Time


The secret of time is that it is the 4th dimension. The codes of time are found in the sacred calendar of the classic Maya, known as the Tzolkin. Within the cycle of the 260 day Tzolkin there is a 13 day galactic cycle, associated with the "galactic tones" and a 20 day solar cycle, associated with the solar tribe glyphs. These two smaller cycles turn together and overlap to form the 260 day cycle. This is the cycle of 4th dimensional time, which comes into the solar system from the galaxy.

It runs concurrently with the 365 day cycle of the year, to create 4th dimensional time as it applies to this solar system. Time is both spiritual and physical simultaneously. This is why it is the 4th dimension. It serves to bridge between the physical and spiritual because it operates within both. This calendar is designed to help you understand the aspects of time as the 4th dimension and to give you access to the physical and spiritual aspects of time.

The natural cycle of physical time is governed by the movement of the Earth around the Sun in a circle. It is then divided by the movement of the Moon around the Earth in a circle, the 28 day cycle coded into the bodies of all women on the Earth. This is the cycle that governs the physical aspects of life. Men are coded with the 28 day cycle, as well, in the 28 day biorhythm cycle. This calendar also shows you the corresponding dates from the 260 day sacred calendar, the cycle that governs the spiritual aspects of life.

The Dreamspell Calendar offers you the ability to access both the physical and spiritual aspects of time, in a very natural way already coded into the lives of everyone. It is also designed to serve as a conversion calendar from the old 12:60 time to the new time of 13:20, as it contains the dates which correlate it to the 12 month calendar everyone now uses, known as the Gregorian Calendar.

You may ask, "If this cycle is so natural, why aren't we already using it?" Actually, all ancient indigenous peoples used this system long ago, not just the Mayans. The 12 month calendar commonly utilized today is known as the "Gregorian Calendar" because it was instituted by the edict of Pope Gregory in 1582. However, it is just an update of the original Julian Calendar, the calendar instituted by Julius Caesar as a calendar of conquest.

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