Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Biorhythms Daily Reading

Creative thinking is strong and you can clearly see the deeper meaning of things.

One more post about new online biorhythm calculator. Just to admit the usability and friedly interaction with end user ...

Color waves represent Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive biorhythms in range 0 - 100%.

* red stars indicate Critical days, when associated abilities are unstable

Biorhythm cycles for 18 June 2008

Physical: 50%, rising, critical day

Emotional: 95%, falling

Intellectual: 0%, falling

Intuitive: 86%, rising

Overall: 48%, Gray day

Biorhythm daily reading

Creative thinking is strong and you can clearly see the deeper meaning of things. Your subconscious is more active, so don't ignore unusual incidents today. Perhaps you will be visited by inspiration. Imagination is also increased. Beware of illusions! This is a favorable day for business and personal contacts, as well as active communication.

Physical instability

Be careful when using tools and appliances, working with fire or electricity, or when operating machinery or transports. Accidents or injuries may occur on the job.

Critical combination

Emotional maximum and intellectual minimum. This situation is stressful for men. The emotional maximum inspires activity and increases drive, but the intellectual minimum does not support the objectivity necessary to make optimum decisions, most especially in unknown or unusual situations.

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