Sunday, June 01, 2008

Human Daily Biorhythms

Do your homework and you’ll be sure to find general diet suggestions based on the body’s natural biorhythms.

You may not be aware of this, but all creatures on planet earth and especially human beings, have natural patterns of three daily body cycles. These laws of biorhythms are so precise they follow exact time patterns. Here they are:

From approximately 4 am to 12 pm we have the Elimination Cycle. During this time the body likes to purge itself of toxic waste materials and unnecessary food metabolisms including salts, proteins and acids. You should consume adequate amounts of fresh seasonal fruit during this cycle. Not only does this supply raw materials to cleansing unwanted substances, but it also makes sure the colon is well hydrated and fed. Fresh raw fruit is a great staple in verifying this Cleansing and Elimination Cycle works like clockwork.

From about 12 pm to 8 pm we have the Energy Cycle. During these hours nutrients are processed from the food you ate and allows for the creation of energy. And like the Elimination Cycle, fresh, organic vegetables and fruit are invaluable in supporting your body to maintain a natural biochemical and electrical body balance.

The third and final cycle is called the Regeneration Cycle and as you probably guessed by now affords the body to take the time it needs to heal and make repairs. This is when the body should receive plenty of quality sleep. During this third cycle, the body absorbs the nutrition from all the food you’ve consumed during the day and then uses these nutriments to rebuild each living cell. If the sleep cycle is disrupted by irregular work patters, night feeding of your baby, travel across time zones or other reasons, the cells do not regenerate and this eventually leads to quick aging. For the body will both feel and look the part. Thus you may see the importance of balanced dieting, regular sleep times and sufficient exercise. This will reduce the amount of toxins your body absorbs and aid a more happy and peace state of mind.

Do your homework and you’ll be sure to find general diet suggestions based on the body’s natural biorhythms. And it must be pointed out at this stage of the discussion, that getting rid of constipation is also important in any validated health program. Understanding and following these principles are vital for improving and then maintaining any measure of health and vitality.

Buy organic if possible. Or even locally grown is better than store bought produce for the most part. This will help ensure the purity and nutritional content of your foods and helps to avoid pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other unsavory elements.

Along with fruits and vegetables, you can add raw seeds, nuts and sprouted grains. Flour isn’t the best ingredient in our foods and probably should be avoided when doing a serious cleanse. That means flour of all kinds - even whole grain - as it becomes acidic when crushed into flour from the original grain.

If you haven’t been exposed to much raw and organic produce it may be a stretch for you to make the transition from cooked, fried and denatured processed foods. Take it slowly and start by eating fresh fruit daily. Maybe after you’ve become accustomed to that you can think about eliminating one toxic food and beverage per week. Sure, it may take you months to accomplish this, but it’s a goal worth achieving.


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