Friday, April 18, 2008

Biorhythms and Sports Betting


I wish i'd post this sooner, but i was so busy handicapping the upcoming NCAAF and NFL games, and i rarely post any if at all in the MLB section. Here's a retread of what i've posted in my thread from the NCAAF section:

I'll use tonight's Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox game as a example of how i handicap games. Besides looking at stats, trends and the situations involved, i attempt to predict how the players will perform in the game. First i take a look at their biorhythm charts.

As you can see, both pitcher's charts are in the negative phase, indicating a possible poor performance. Although a slightly better grade for Beckett as he's the pitcher with post-season experience. Next, i take a look at their astrological aspects reading. This part is very esoteric so... if you're already confused, that's okay.

With this information at hand, i deem a Red Sox Moneyline to have tremendous value, even at a 2:1 payout ratio. A C-/D- grade for Jeff Francis is really bad; he's going to get pelted. Thus a Red Sox RunLine wager also offers a lot of value.

Beckett picks up a bad aspect as Venus[conjunct]Saturn, but his biorhythm chart begins to creep up to the positive side. I dropped his rating down a notch from what he got in Game 1 as he's working in hostile territory this time around. He's only 4 years removed from a post-season championship win and his experience will come through once again. I'll be wagering on the Red Sox MoneLine for all of the games.

Take this info however you want. You don't have to believe in biorhythm and astrology or whatever. Maybe its just all coincidence. But it will not be a coincidence as the Boston Red Sox wins another World Series and join their brethren sportsmen known as the Patriots in attempting to build a dynasty.

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