Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Biorhythms In Writing


Let's face the truth: biorhythms are about as plausible as horoscopes, tea leaves, and and any other sort of future-telling device. But they're fun, and because they seem to have a pseudo-scientific basis, they seem more real than most others.

There are days when I feel out of it and find I'm on a critical day, as I am today, though I'm not feeling out of it at all. A couple of days ago, I got back into exercising throughout the day, restarting my body's metabolism each time I did that. The positive effect of exercise, unlike biorhythms, is not a theory but a fact, and apparently exercise can kick biorhythm's rear end.

Beginning a couple of days ago, I was not supposed to try to do any intellectual or creative things, like writing stories. As if I needed another reason to procrastinate.

But...I have a short story I need to write for a contest, and this is the time I have to work on it. A couple of ideas didn't pan out like I wanted. But the third time, despite the curse of my biorhythms, I was able to write a pretty good 2000-word story, and I've been tweaking it today. I tend toward liking it.

I think the best thing to do with biorhythms is to let whatever they say guide you into doing something to work against the bad days and with the good days. For me, that means keeping in shape, upping my veggie intake, and doing my best at whatever it is.

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