Thursday, April 17, 2008

Biorhythms: Pursuing New Ideas


Dr. Tatai, MD, one of the leading biorhythm safety consultants in Japan, believed hormonal imbalances were the cause of biorhythm instability that resulted in accidents, injuries and mistakes on unstable days. Dr. Borkin also realized through his research that our beloved pets suffer hideously because of hormonal and electrolyte imbalances. Dr. Borkin's lab will soon be adding testing for brain chemistry along with hormone testing for pets and animals.

Their levels of balance are similar to that of humans. It is time our cats, dogs and horses were spared the ravages of cancer, arthritis and other life threatening viral, parasitic and bacterial infections. It is amazing just how healthy a person or pet can be when their hormones and brain biochemistry is balanced by supplementation. Dr. Borkin will soon be offering special testing for professional athletes and top-performing animals, industry leaders and important politicians who want to look and feel their best. By addressing health problems at the hormonal and biochemical levels, the return to health, well-being and optimal performance is possible. A wonderful life is also available for pets, at a minimal investment, when their owners seek to provide hormonal and electrolyte supplementation that will restore hormonal balance and biochemical homeostasis for their pets.

Everyone who has ever loved a dog, cat, or horse knows how tragic and painful it is to lose our best friends needlessly to catastrophic diseases that ruin their quality of life and lead to premature death or euthanasia. Over many years, Dr. Borkin has created a Four Module training program for doctors and health experts.

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