Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Biorhythms Program Review


Do you remember or did you ever know about biorhythms? They're a set of cycles that your body goes through, supposedly starting the day you're born. When I first heard of them, there were three main segments: physical, intellecutal, and emotional.

Now there are more, which I'll get onto later. As you can see from my chart for today, all the arrows are pointing down, and rain predominates. The overall assessment is a 53%, which gives reason to the statement often made by members of my family when they say in answer to "how are you," "oh, about half."

Biorhythm practitioners claim to be able to chart good, bad, and critical days for a person. Critical days occur when a rhythm crosses the line between up and down. Those are days to be wary of how you react to stresses in your life. It's easier to see where the lines cross in the chart below, taken from the same day as the graphic above.

Even hairier are days when two rhythms cross at the same time. Looks like my next one of those is coming up in January. And even more rare than that, as you may well imagine, is having three rhythms be critical on the same day. I'm having one of those next February, but one of the three rhythms is the new "intuitive" rhythm. This was not part of the original rhythm selection back in the day. Still, with my emotional and intellectual paths also crossing the line and my physical at its lowest point, I may take a personal day February 21, if only to blog about the day.

WhiteStranger.com provides a nice free version of its Natural Biorhythms tracker. Besides the intuitive track, they've also put on a secondary rhythms chart that assesses wisdom, mastery, and passion, along with an I-Ching chart that provides info on your aesthetic, awareness, and spiritual rhythms. It's fun, something to do when you can't stand to "invest" any more time with fantasy sports or sudoku. :-)

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