Friday, April 04, 2008

Biorhythms and Sudoku. Necessary part of life nowadays.


Turns out that reverting to my backup computer has had some positive repercussions.

As I limp along with my old Gateway, I am having to rediscover certain things that I might have known at one time, but forgot from non-use. How does a computer connects to a wireless network? Why will it connect to one network and not another? Why does trying to get it to connect to a second network cause it to stop connecting to the first network?

Figuring out (and giving up on some of) these questions takes time away from other, more enjoyable procrastination-enablers, like biorhythms and Sudoku. But they are a necessary part of life nowadays. Like changing oil in my cars myself used to be. (I really did that about half a dozen times in my youth!)

Did you know that you can access your Recently Opened Documents in the new version of Windows Start menu? I didn't till I started trying to figure out something else and found that facility still available in some menu box I accessed. Huzzah.

I'm not sure what other tidbits of knowledge I will acquire as I await the return of my default laptop. Whatever I learn and fix up on the backup computer, I will get to review when my regular one comes back.

Maybe I should switch out computers every month or so, just to keep my mind alive. I'll think about that some more, right after I solve this latest Sudoku puzzle.

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