Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Biorhythms: Not Feeling Quite Right


Do you ever have that feeling that I am not feeling quite right? Today is one of those days as was yesterday and the night before. I feel a little like the color of this print-muted and dull. I often tell people my bio-rhythms are off. You do know about your bio-rhythms don't you? This is your physical and emotional state. If you physically are a little down and emotionally a little down, then you are at your lowest-bio-rhythm point.

The days you pray for and relish when they come is when both of these hit their high points. These low days affect you and your activities for the entire period of the low. It is a struggle to run and I have to make myself do it, I don't have the high level of energy that I normally enjoy, and I'm kind of in a fog. I am thinking the physical part may have something to do with my sinus. I come from a family of allergy sufferers. Everyone in the family, except me, took allergy shots and suffered with multiple sinus infections every year.

Momma used to tell me that I just sniffed and kept going. I really never thought about it a lot. I am popping the decongestants in an effort to unclog, but I am sure I will bounce back in short order. For today I feel like the character in Charlie Brown that walked around with a cloud just over and around his head. THIS TOO WILL PASS!

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