Monday, March 31, 2008

Biorhythms For Superman


According to my biorhythm chart (which, you recall, is pure bunk but interesting in its pseudoscientific disguise), this week should have been the week that I could do no wrong.


That is the cord that plugs into the AC adaptor for my main computer, which I call Toshiba. Lucky, perhaps, for Toshiba, the other end of the cord was not plugged into the computer when I plugged the prong end of this baby into the outlet. When I did, it flashed like a 1940s paparazzi bulb, stinking up the place with the smell of burned rubber and wire.

This from someone whose biorhythms say he can do no wrong. I guess I should have run the biorhythm for the computer and its parts.

Speaking of the computer, it got back from the shop ten days ago and worked fine till two days ago when the wifi started acting up again. Finally it was unable to connect wirelessly, and I had to use the cable. But sometimes the wifi works after I spend a quarter hour redoing the keys and weps and whatnots and restarting a couple of times. Just the thing for someone who needs 26 hours to get through a 24-hour day.

At the computer store, I find out that the adaptors for computers are in the $120 range. I'm a little shocked, but I persevere. "Can't I just buy this part of it?" I ask, holding up the fried cord.

"Oh yes. You can get those for six or seven dollars," the store associate tells me. "They're the same as the cords used on Xboxes or Playstations."

Of course, they didn't have any of those in stock, but luckily I was able to use my Gateway's piece till I find one.

That's not been the only anti-biorhythm event of this week, which was supposed to be my superman week. I tried to make popcorn a couple of nights ago. We've been doing it the old-fashioned way, boiling some oil and throwing in the kernels from a bag. Easier to control the ingredients, that way. My first batch was good, but too small. The second batch was still too small and a little burnt. The third batch was good, except for the quarter bag of kernels that fell onto the floor instead of in the pot.

Lucky for me all that happened, I guess, because when the computer piece blew up, I only cried about it for a second.

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