Monday, March 24, 2008

Biorhythms? I Disagree ...


Apparently the theory of biorhythms claims that one’s life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles, and seeks to make predictions regarding these cycles and the personal ease of carrying out tasks related to the cycles. These inherent rhythms are said to control or initiate various biological processes and are classically composed of three cyclic rhythms that are said to govern human behaviour and demonstrate innate periodicity in natural physiological change: the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual (or mental) cycles.

Well… hmm… ok. Obviously I like the sound of rhythm… and the periodical behaviour of these biorhythms relates nicely to my field. Maybe this is some new ground breaking scientific research which would be worth looking into?

From this plot I can see that my intellectual “bio”-whatever… is at an all time low during the coming exams. But on the uphand it looks like all my stars, biorhythms and angels are gonna align around the 19-2-2008. Watch out world…

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