Friday, March 21, 2008

Do You Remember Biorhythms Machines?

I remember when I was a kid, and I would go to the mall. At the health food place, they used to have this little biorhythm machine. You would be a few quarters in, answer 2 questions and you would get your biorhythm reading out. I don't see them today, but I got a kick out of them.
Your cyrcadium rhythm basically says that your life goes in cycles. Your physical rhythm is a 28 day cycle, where emotion and intellectual cycles were more at 30 days.
Do you remember those little machines?

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Ed Ford said...

I most definitely remember Biorhythm machines. In fact, just this morning I was recalling the machine that used to be in the Brunswick Square Mall's arcade, in East Brunswick, NJ. During the early 80's, many of my summer days were spent in that arcade playing Space Invaders and Asteroids. On a few of those days, I couldn't resist the pull of the cryptic machine that, for only a quarter, would spit out a card that explained my every emotion.