Thursday, March 20, 2008

Biorhythms And Another Kinds Of Scams

I always consider things that pretend to know who I am based on my birthday a big scam. Horoscopes? Scam. How can the same thing be happening to a million people all born in may at the same time?“Gemini - you will have trouble dealing with financial issues today. You’ll be surprised by a distant friend. Be cautious with new relationships today and you will build a long lasting bond.”
My friend is born in May - we’re gonna find a new relationship on the same week? What about a guy born on the same day as me? We’ll go broke at the same time, or be lucky financially - all in the same day?
Exactly. Scam. Horoscopes are always so generic that you can either make them fit, or they’re completely neutral. There are tons of numerological scams that fit the same boat. Biorhythms is another one. I tried the biorhythm thing. I never noticed *any* correlations between the sine curves and my intellectual, physical or emotional fluctuations. Sure, if I watched it long enough, maybe I’d get my body to follow that rhythm, but that’s reverse engineering.But somehow I’m compelled to be amused by these scams, and this last one was pretty interesting.It was a scam program on facebook. Click the link, enter your birthdate, it tells you everything you already knew about yourself. Or didn’t know, but now believe because it tells you. Or maybe you just make it fit, so that you *can* believe it.

Watch.Just by entering my birthdate it tells me:
Lucky Color: TangerinePersonality Strengths: Charisma, InnovationPersonality Weakness(es): ObsessionSuccessful Career Path: ManagementSense of Humor Style: In your faceAdjectives to Describe You: strong, industriousAlso born on May 31: Coming soonDescription:Driven and talented - you are a hard and ambitious worker. You are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful - but not at the cost of your equally strong moral and ethics.
Now, I don’t believe in lucky colours of course. But I hate Orange (this includes the fruit, the flavour, and the colour!) so I’ve inadvertently (or advertently?) dodged my lucky colour, hence my disbelief. I mean, if you never FIND your lucky colour, it’s easy to believe you don’t have one. Yet, if you believe you have a lucky colour, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’re lucky around it. I’m so glad it was the first option, and not the second. To think!! I’ve been missing out all this time… Now all I have to do is find a tangerine coloured shirt, and a tangerine coloured car and a tangerine coloured coffee mug. And stuff like that. And it can’t be ‘carrot orange’ - because they’re pretty close! So I’d better be careful. Maybe I can set my blog to tangerine. Coming soon.

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