Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are Biorhythms Real?

Hmmm? Well let me tell you a little story. Carl left the house this morning at 4:45 to head to work. He made his usual stop at Stell's for a cup of coffee. Then he did something he's never done before. He locked his keys in his car. Inside the car was his briefcase and his cell phone. He had a meeting in LA at 7:30 where 40 people would be waiting for him. So he called me and I drove him into work. He said the "f" word once so I know he was upset. But on the drive he was remarkably calm and in good spirits. At 4:30 pm I picked him up at his office and he got behind the wheel. As we were driving along I-10, he enthusiastically noted the flashing board that said 20 minutes to the 405. "That's a good sign," he said.
He merged into the carpool lane where he was abruptly stopped by the highway patrol for driving in a 3 person carpool lane during the hours of 4-7, a ticket which will cost him approximately $271.00. He waited patiently while the officer explained the violation and we drove him in relative calm, enjoying Little Steven's broadcast on Sirius radio.Now please note the chart above. His physical and intellectual rhythms were at their lowest point. His emotional level was at its peak. Perhaps that explains the unusual turn of events and his ability to handle them so well.
**While I was in LA, I took the opportunity to document the office of an engineer. Enjoy!

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