Friday, March 28, 2008

Winners in the NFL Using Biorhythms


Use Biorhythms to Dominate Your Fantasy Football League or If You Bet on Football Games, Maximize Your Winnings Because Harve's Software is 78% Accurate For 2007 In Predicting NFL Winners Based Only On Their Biorhythms

How Do I Use TeamBios To Pick Winners Versus the Spread?

TeamBios Program – Finding Winners You may be wondering what makes our online programs different from the rest of the biorhythm programs on the Internet. Our program is backed by 30 years of research and development where we computed over 60,000 NFL and NBA games. We also collected hundreds of other individual examples of success stories and unusual luck. During the past 30 years we’ve run over one million players and other individuals in all walks of life to find the data that makes our programs so accurate. A key discovery of our research is that we’ve found when athletes have the best potential to play exceptionally well. So, if you know the date of the game, it’s simple to find the point spread winner by using TeamBios.

We also discovered what cycles are most important in each sport. All you have to do is look for the +, H and # in each of the three columns for each player of a team. This signifies optimal performance. My program uses precise biorhythmic values combined with statistical data to compute winners versus the spread at unusually high percentages.

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