Monday, March 24, 2008

Captain Biorhythm


Rich was very impressed with the possibility of being able to know which days would be optimal for outrageous performance. He wanted to minimize mistakes, injuries and accidents as much as possible. He bought every book available on biorhythms, and a special biorhythm calculator to research the subject thoroughly.

Slowly Rich regained control, withdrew from the confrontation, walked outside, and punched in the necessary information into the biorhythm computer. Sure enough it was a, unstable day physically with low biorhythms emotionally and intellectually, a perfect day to make a bad decision, the exact same values major mistakes had been made in the past which had caused incredible amounts of great, financial loss, and wasted time.

Rich was uncertain but one night in a dream the answer was revealed. "Captain BioRhythm," a totally centered individual who is the personification of an aware human being, possessing clairvoyance, psychometry, retrocognition and astral projection, precognition, ESP, psychokenisis, total recall, ambidexterity, and incredible athletic ability was the solution. A human being who utilizes 100% of the abilities of the human mind, body, and spirit seemed appropriate.

A trip to the Goodwill Store with a girlfriend resulted in the procurement of a velvet dress, which with some expert alteration, became a Roman toga type outfit and when combined with elbow and knee pads, wrist braces, shoes, and a helmet the personification of Captain BioRhythm was created, BioRhythm awareness and skateboard safety were merged into a cohesive symbol.

The day of the contest arrived. Biorhythms predicted the possibility of an accident or incredible achievement. Rich feared he would crash and burn and suffer severe injury but decided as Captain BioRhythm the cosmic forces would keep everything under control.

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