Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Biorhythms Research: New Implementation Of Biorhythms


Unlike astrology and biorhythms, Astro-rhythms are individualized and highly detailed guides that pertain specifically to you. Imagine knowing beforehand what each day holds for you; your potential for creativity, your daily strengths and weaknessses. Astro-Rhythms can help you determine which areas of your life are optimal -- or challenging -- on a day-to-day basis in an easy-to-read graph. Astro-Rhythms combine astronomical and astrological data within a biorhythmic format providing customized charts formulated from your birth data.

Astro-Rhythms compare your Natal Planets -- the planets aligned at your birth -- with the ever-changing cosmos. Astro-Rhythms is the result of years of development tracking heavenly bodies and checking their relationships to each other on a mathematical basis a lot of which was formulated by the group called Brotherhood of Light. Because the universe is constantly in flux and planets have such varying orbits, Astro-Rhythms charts have near-infinite possibilities, yet they are simple to use.

Biorhythms deal with just three biological cycles of humans: Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. Astro-Rhythms deal with TWELVE aspects of your personality, are much richer in detail and show a much wider range of potential, but are just as easy to read as biorhythms.

How can all of those people have the same potential as you each and every day? Most astrology charts are directed towards A LOT of people. Each astrological sign contains an entire month's worth of birthdates. Astro-Rhythms is tailor-made for you. In order to have the same chart as someone else, they would have had to have been born at the same time, place and location as you.

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